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Clothing Confusion [Arddra]
« on: 19 Sep 2013 at 12:26 AM »
Casa hated having to get new clothing. She liked the clothing she had just fine. It was threaded and patchy, but she kept it clean. And she made it last a while. But when one of the other women told her that her clothing was embarrassing and she was going to get a new set, she really didn't have much choice in the matter.

Scowling, she stomped off and headed towards the area where general clothing was stored. She knew where generics were kept for males and females, but the thought of having to replace things just made her more and more frustrated. Upon arriving, she glanced around the room in dismay, completely lost at where to start. Frowning, she picked up a tunic that looked as if it might fit her. However, upon further inspection, it was far too large for her.

Scowling, she folded it and put it back on the shelf, trying again. This time, she reached for something that looked like comfortable, airy trousers. This time it turned out to be a skirt. She huffed and put it back on the shelf, but somehow all it did was knock a stack of clothing over. Frustrated, she flopped down in the middle of it all.

"Why does clothing have to be so dumb?!" She yelled to herself. She knew her stuff was worn down, but she just didn't understand trying to find things that fit well and looked good and...and..she needed all the help she could get. Sighing, she let her head fall to her knees and just sat there, wondering what to do.

Re: Clothing Confusion [Arddra]
« Reply #1 on: 19 Sep 2013 at 12:55 AM »

Arddra noticed she was getting low on clothing in good shape. Many of her skirts and shirts were starting to wear thin and soon wouldn't even be good enough for doing chores. How she missed the gathers up at Fort, she would be able to buy some good quality cloth to make into new clothing. It was foolish to continue to avoid going north.

A few weyrfolk and a dragonrider or two could easily show up at a big Gather up north and buy supplies without anybody knowing. Arddra considered suggesting such a trip to V'riy next time she talked to him. Or maybe the Weyrleader but she wasn't sure if that would go well with the brownrider.

Heading down into the storage area of the Weyrfolk Hall where all the spare clothing was stored, Arddra moved with increased confidence. Perhaps it was because she had a good friend who was a bronzerider or maybe due to finally coming to terms with being a widow. Her talk with T'lian confirmed what she suspected for many turns but couldn't prove. The chances of her husband being alive were so slim there was no point in her holding out any hope he was. She grieved enough for him and it was time to move on. There was also the thought after three turns of not knowing what happened to her, Fosorcim most likely found himself a new wife. Given the fact she failed to give him any child much less become pregnant, Arddra knew Fosorcim would have been better off with another wife anyway.

She pushed such thoughts from her mind, determined to think only of when she Impressed and the future beyond. The past was just that, the past and there was no way she could change it. Just as she came to this conclusion she entered the clothing store only to nearly trip over somebody sitting on the floor.

"Oh I am terribly sorry I didn't see you there," Arddra said, jumping back to avoid stumbling into the girl. Looking down Arddra realized it was Casa. "Casa! what are you doing here? Are you alright?"


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Re: Clothing Confusion [Arddra]
« Reply #2 on: 19 Sep 2013 at 01:21 AM »
As she sat there sulking, the door opened and someone nearly fell on top of her. This only made her mood worse and she sat there, struggling not to scream. However, the familiar voice seemed to help cut through the pure frustration, and she took a deep breath, looking up and blinking back tears.

"" She got to her feet, only barely avoiding tripping again. "AUGH. I hate clothing!" She kicked the fabric by her feet before shuddering. She slowly bent over to pick up a piece of clothing, at this point going into autopilot and folding the skirt up and putting it back on the shelf. "Arddra, they told me I need new clothing but I don't know anything about any of this!"

She continued to pick up the pieces one by one, folding them as she trembled in anger, trying to think through the surge of emotions. Finally, she ran out of things to fold. As she stood there, it was pretty plain to see whoever had sent her here was definitely in the right. Her tunic was see through in sections, and her pants were covered in stitches and patches. But she looked absolutely miserable.

"I don't know how to dress myself or pick out clothing, Arddra...I've been wearing these for two Turns. And I hate looking like a girl, and I'm afraid that if I ask for help, someone is going to demand dresses, and..." It was clear the girl was flustered, both about being a girl, and needing new clothing, and simply had no idea what to do.

Re: Clothing Confusion [Arddra]
« Reply #3 on: 19 Sep 2013 at 04:12 AM »
Arddra was a bit confused at how upset Casa was over what, to her, was just a normal everyday kind of thing. Fortunately she didn't laugh or do anything which may upset Casa further.

"I have to admit you are probably the first young woman I have met who really has no interest in new clothing," Arddra smiled, remembering Gathers where some of her friends would go into right hysterics at the sight of a finely made dress or lovely bolt of cloth. Arddra enjoyed a pretty dress as much as any typical girl but her time here in Katila taught her that pretty dresses weren't all that practical.

"I am quite confident you can dress yourself, Casa," Arddra assured her with a hand on her shoulder. "You are dressed now even if your clothing is warn. I am surprised it still fits if it's been two turns since you had new clothing. I will help you choose some good practical clothing."

Arddra took a guess at her size then moved to where the appropriate sizes were stored. "The clothing here is grouped by size, roughly. Most of the adult female clothing are here, but you aren't all that tall so I think this section would be closer to your size. I would pick the young women section but given you don't like dresses or skirts, we can check for trousers in the boys area. They are longer in leg most likely but it won't take much to hem them so they fit perfectly. I can do that for you too."

Leading the way to another section Arddra selected a pair of trousers she hoped will fit Casa. Turning she handed them to her. "Quickly give them a try, I will shield you should anybody come in."

"Do you prefer boy's shirts as well or will a simple blouse be acceptable?" Arddra inquired while Casa tried on the trousers. "Dresses and skirts aren't a horrible thing but I do agree with chores and future dragonriding, they aren't all that practical for everyday things. It is always nice to have a skirt or dress to impress somebody or Gather days. But I won't force you to pick one if you really don't want to be in a dress or skirt."


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Re: Clothing Confusion [Arddra]
« Reply #4 on: 19 Sep 2013 at 04:30 AM »
Taking a deep breath and nodding fitfully at Arddra, she took a step back. She was flustered at the situation, she was flustered with her behavior, and she knew the whole must seem ridiculous to Arddra and everyone else. She couldn't describe why it upset her so. It just did.

Maybe because it was what clothing represented to her. She'd seen how the men treated women who wore fancy dresses for Gathers and parties. She'd seen how flirty women ended up bruised after flights, or in the control of the more higher ranking men. It just felt wrong. And she didn't FEEL girly. Sometimes she wanted to, but she didn't at this point.

Taking the trousers from Arddra, she turned around and slipped them on meekly, offering a quiet "Thank you" to her friend. She had calmed down significantly at this point, and noted that this pair fit pretty well. Arddra had a good eye for all of this. Maybe she could teach her more about being a lady without being fluffy and weak.

"I tend to wear close cut male tunics, if possible. But anything will work, I guess." She glanced warily at the pile of skirts and dresses. It's not like they'd look good on her anyway. "I..I'm sorry. I just don't like good in dresses. And I don't want to be looked at like meat. And I've never looked pretty or beautiful and thats what ladies look like. I'm not...not like that."

She'd never had a mother to teach her all this stuff, so she promptly shut up and shrugged out of the trousers, folding them neatly and setting them down. They'd have to be hemmed a little bit, but they would be perfect for chores and romping. "Did you find anything else?" Her voice was cautious, but a little more receiving to ideas than before.

Re: Clothing Confusion [Arddra]
« Reply #5 on: 19 Sep 2013 at 05:14 PM »
"Those trousers do fit you well, just a little long in the leg. I think you can just roll them up as I expect you will grow into them faster than you will wear them out." Arddra grabbed a couple more pairs identical to the first so this way Casa will have a few new trousers to wear. She also grabbed a couple pairs of loose knee length shorts many men wear for the beach or when bathing their dragons. She handed one to Casa to try on. "I have included a couple extra pairs of those trousers, you might as well have a few outfits now. Try these shorts, just to make sure they fit."

Arddra shook her head when Casa claimed she never looked pretty or beautiful. That definitely wasn't the case. "You are a very pretty young woman, Casa. Dresses and frilly things don't make a woman pretty. What they do is enhance your own looks. It is why many girls and women dress in such fancy clothing it enhances how pretty they are. A beautiful dress can also help distract from flaws otherwise difficult to hide. But, when you have a natural beauty it takes very little to bring it out."

Her complaint about not wanting to be meat for boys to gawk at, Arddra understood. But all women do want to look beautiful at times, Casa probably was too young yet to truly appreciate the power over men a woman can have.

"Men are attracted to beautiful things, especially feminine things. Oh I expect the men who prefer other men, appreciate men of certain qualities, maybe muscles and firm features or more feminine looking men. I myself like a kind face and a gentle nature but with strong leadership capabilities. Somebody to respect and admire, not just a bully who thinks being physically stronger gives him the right to do whatever he wants."

Arddra smiled at Casa as she selected a tunic for her to try on. "Dressing up to make men drool gives us a level of power they certainly can't resist. But we are not silly things with fluff between our ears. Oh I am not saying there aren't plenty of women who are just like that but you are far to inquisitive and free spirited to not use your brain. You will be a strong woman, no matter where you end up. If you don't Impress a dragon I can see you becoming the Headwoman in the future and a good one."


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Re: Clothing Confusion [Arddra]
« Reply #6 on: 19 Sep 2013 at 05:45 PM »
As much as Casa wanted to disbelieve what Arddra was saying, she soaked up the woman's words, attentively listening to everything she had to say. The fact of the matter was she didn't have a mother to describe this all to her. There was Elisel, but Elli was often busy with her duties to the riders and could only spare so much time. R'sin was a decent father most days, but he too was busy, and he didn't discuss girls. The end.

So Casa focused on her words, committing them to memory for review later. She would have to think about all the various ideas Arddra had brought up later. She still didn't think she was pretty, but she cut her hair short and wore clothing as long as it was still able to be cleaned and didn't fall off her body in disrepair.

Maybe being a girl was more complex than she had first thought. It had seemed very black and white before, when it was just her and Quenym, running around and doing what they wanted. It didn't involve trying to impress people, or figuring out what she liked in a man. Or boy. Or anyone. She had figured she'd just do her own thing. Quenym had changed that slightly, but wasn't it conceivable that she could just spend forever with him? And not wear dresses?

She took the tunic and slid it on, frowning at the fact it was well-fitting but a little looser than she liked. She handed it back after a moment. "Is there anything slightly tighter? Loose clothing gets stuck on, well, everything." She glanced at Arddra, eyes narrowed. "Why do you wear dresses and lady clothes, Arddra?"

Re: Clothing Confusion [Arddra]
« Reply #7 on: 19 Sep 2013 at 07:30 PM »
Arddra folded the rejected tunic and placed it back on the shelf then found another, not much smaller in overall size but the cut was more tapered. There will come a time when these will be too tight across the chest for Casa, or so Arddra felt but for now it should fit her better. "If it's still too lose, you can always tuck it into the top of your trousers and secure with a belt. The sleeves can be tied off too. Loose and flowing sleeves and hems does allow breezes to help cool your body."

"I enjoy wearing dresses and lady clothing," Arddra smiled. "I was the youngest girl and very carefree and wore many dresses which my other felt was what all girls should wear. I am not Weyrborn so I don't know how things are like being raised in a creche, my mother wouldn't let me wear trousers unless riding. My father was a beastcrafter so he did tend to runnerbeasts and such for Fort Hold. I never liked riding side saddle, like some of Fort's richer Ladies would do. I thought it was silly and in truth, it's not easy to stay seated on a runnerbeast in such a posture."

"I don't have fancy dressed like I used to have, definitely not like my wedding gown. It was my mother's, tailored to fit me of course but I felt very beautiful and special in it." Arddra smiled at the memory then quickly pushed it away. Thinking about her marriage, despite how happy she had been, had it's own load of pain. "The dresses and skirts here are mostly very simple, we don't have the masterweavers and dressmakers in Katila like we had in Fort. The Gathers there were truly wondrous. You can find cloth traded from one end of the north to the other and such vibrant colors. Not that I could have afforded the most beautiful dresses or cloths but it was nice to browse through them."

"I wear dresses because I am a woman and these simple gowns are convenient in many ways. They are also cooler on the legs here." Arddra smiled. One of the reasons she still wore skirts and dresses when not doing certain chores was because it was cooler on the legs. "Trousers are more useful for the rougher chores and well, riding."

"If you like Casa, I can find you a nice dress or skirt and blouse and fix up your hair. Even short there are things we can do with it to enhance your natural beauty." Arddra smiled thinking she may not have had much mother/daughter time being raised among the many children born to dragonriders and weyrfolk. Out of all the differences between Hold life and Weyrlife Arddra learned, the fact children were shunting off by many to the creche to be raised by strangers was the worse. The pain of losing a father or mother may be seen good to avoid during a Pass but to totally remove parents from a child's life, was just cruel. "I have a feeling you didn't get too many lessons on being a women in the creche."


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Re: Clothing Confusion [Arddra]
« Reply #8 on: 20 Sep 2013 at 12:30 AM »
She considered Arddra's offer in silence, her throat tightening seemingly out of nowhere. It had been a long time since she had considered the fact her mother had died when she was born; generally, it wasn't in her rough-and-tumble nature to consider such things, but to instead focus on the next grand adventure to be planned.

It seemed like she was doing a lot of growing up, all of a sudden, and she'd never felt quite so alone.

But Arddra was offering to ease that lonliness, even if just a little bit. Casa believed in being open minded, and while she was stubborn and didn't like to change her viewpoints...well, she'd never tried to be a girl before. She couldn't continue to rag on something she knew so little about. Especially when someone was offering to give her help to learn about it.

Biting her lip, she decided to give it a try. If she didn't like it afterwards, she felt justified. But she had to try it first. And she didn't have to be alone to do it. Swallowing and blinking at Arddra, she offered an unsure smile. " The expectation for us women is maintain the weyr, rear children, and maybe ride, but even that is controlled and sometimes looked down upon. It's a very matter of fact life for women here."

She set down the trousers and tunics, glancing with trepidation between the shelf and this woman who could teach her things, with her exotic knowledge of the outside world, that no one else in the weyr might be able to offer. "I...I'd like your help. I have to at least give it a try."

Re: Clothing Confusion [Arddra]
« Reply #9 on: 20 Sep 2013 at 01:11 AM »
Arddra knew what life was like for a woman up north and she always did do what was expected of her as first a young woman then a wife. She listened to Casa lay out what was expected for women of the Weyr. "It doesn't sound all that different than what is expected of women in the Holds. We just focus on one person, our spouse. We maintain the home, and rear children. At least here there is the chance of becoming a dragonrider, whether gold or green."

"I do not see why any female dragonrider cannot fly as often as any man. It's not like we are the one's doing the actual flying, it would be the dragon. In fact most women are so much more lighter than a man I expect the smaller dragons appreciate a woman rider more than a burly man who could weight twice as much as we do, or more."  Arddra expected things would be much different during actual Threadfall if it ever returns. She certainly hoped it didn't return anytime in her lifetime. She doubted there was enough dragons to deal with the threat of a time long gone now.

"I only reason I can see it not being good to have a woman flying her dragon is if the dragon was heavy with eggs." Arddra wanted to Impress a gold dragon, otherwise she didn't have much hope on her future here.

"This isn't the best spot to teach you how to dress pretty and be more faminine but we can at least pick out a skirt or dress that will fit. Later we can meet at my room in the Candidates Barracks where we can focus on girl stuff and not be disturbed."


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Re: Clothing Confusion [Arddra]
« Reply #10 on: 20 Sep 2013 at 01:22 AM »
Part of her wanted to rebel and point out that maybe she didn't want to have kids. Or maybe she didn't want to get married. But the practical part of her mind knew that with the dragon population decimated the way it was, having kids really was the most practical thing one could do when living in a weyr. And she had no desire to live Katila - it was as much as part of her as anything else was. She knew in time it would be alright.

She did completely agree with Arddra on the dragons, though. Women should be able to ride dragons without any conflict! Women were light, and they were definitely capable. Some might not think so, but Casa felt that she did pretty good. She was smart, she wasn't afraid of exploration or doing physical things, and she was capable in a fight. Granted, she had a good chance to try this stuff more...she was an acknowledged candidate now.

She nodded at Arddra's suggestion of meeting in her room at some point where they would have privacy and time to themselves. Just because she was willing to try it didn't mean that she wanted everyone to know about it! This was definitely something she would be hiding for the meantime. A secret to keep even from Quenym.

"I'll let you do the picking out," she muttered, trying to sound positive. She was grateful someone had been here to help with all of this; she felt tired, and a little drained, but knew this was something she'd just have to get used to. Thankfully, she had good friends like Arddra who helped her retain her sanity and adjust to the things she found so difficult. Like dresses.

Re: Clothing Confusion [Arddra]
« Reply #11 on: 20 Sep 2013 at 01:46 AM »
Arddra smiled at Casa, "I wouldn't worry too much about what you should be doing right now," Arddra could see Casa looked a bit reluctant when she told her what was expected of Hold women not being all that different than what was expected of weyrwoman.

"You are young still and from everything I learned here, you aren't required to rush into anything long term." Arddra didn't want to talk about babies, it only reminded her of how she couldn't have any.

"I will find you a dress that is very pretty but not too frilly, or better yet a blouse that is designed to wear with a skirt but could go with trousers. This way we transition you slower from wearing trousers and tunics to something more feminine," Arddra selected a few other items from the shelves, guessing if most of Casa's outer wear was wearing out, her under things must need replacing too. She also included a breast wrap, expecting Casa would soon have need of one if she wasn't already wearing them.

"My room in the Candidate barracks is three doors down, to the left of the common area. Feel free to come call on me any evening. I am mostly always home." Arddra added the under clothing to the growing pile of new outfits Casa had put down.


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Re: Clothing Confusion [Arddra]
« Reply #12 on: 20 Sep 2013 at 02:05 AM »
Casa looked over the exploding pile of clothing with a dismayed grimace, but took the stack and shoved what she could into her handy bag. Once the bag was full, she took the remainder and loaded it into her arms, blinking at the stack in a somewhat daze. She couldn't believe it - it was like she was getting a whole new inventory. She'd never had that happen before.

Before she left she went to the boots there and found a good solid pair that would last her for a while, as long as she didn't outgrow them. Glancing them over after slipping her feet into them, she stacked them on top and nodded soundly. She was definitely done for now.

"Thank you for all of your help Arddra...we'll definitely have to get together soon to do the...thing." She wasn't sure what to call it. The girlification? The experiment? Those sounded awful, but it definitely sounded about right to her. Either way, she was in it for the long run now. No escaping. "We can try blouses and dresses if you want...I don't know what'll look so good, so you'll have to be the judge of that."

Glancing one last time around the room, she noted that the original mess was cleaned up at this point, which left Arddra to find whatever she had come for in the first place. A guilty feeling arced through Casa, but she couldn't worry about it now. She'd just have to find a way to make it up to Arddra for all the time she was willing to put into this whole issue. With a grin, she ducked out the door to go put all the new clothing away, disappearing into the hallway before the door swung shut.


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