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Author Topic:  Roots of Blood and Hide [Warkhim]  (Read 547 times)

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Roots of Blood and Hide [Warkhim]
« on: 26 Sep 2013 at 02:26 AM »
It was unnerving, completely and totally unnerving with a touch of frustrating. Darumem was not one to let himself be distracted from any task he had before him but lately he was not focusing fully.

A young woman kept straying into his thoughts, a woman with long rich brown hair with golden highlights tied back in a braid, exposing her oval face and perfect white teeth. More importantly was her hourglass figure.

For many sevendays Darumem pushed the image from his mind, determined not to let some commonborn wench distract him from his duties. His iron will worked to a certain degree but whenever a task was completed or he was about to retire for the evening, her face entered his mind.

He refused to believe he was taken by her, no common born woman would attract him. Darumem did what he always did to distract his mind, he headed into the room he used to keep his body in shape. Hard physical activity which set his heart racing as he pushed his body to it's limits and beyond made it easier to focus his mind on anything but female flesh.

His beloved wife Suhesa had passed away about four turns ago and he had not lain with any female since. Perhaps that was why he was attracted to the young woman who literally jumped at him in the gardens. As she was a woman of no consequence, perhaps he should find her and seduce her, sate his lust and be done with her.

Many men would do this, especially men much younger than he was but Darumem was no longer a young man. A man his age is expected to have outgrown such wanton lusts yet most men his age would be married. Or, if a widower as he was, find another wife. Darumem needed to find another wife of quality to ensure he had an heir to inherit his Hold, minor though it is.

Days went by before Darumem decided he might as well find out everything he could about Kira, daughter of Moran. If she was just as he suspected, some common drudge he may simply use her to ease his desires so he could free his mind to find a far more suitable wife. Such a woman was likely well and truly used by this point anyway.

Fortunately it didn't take him too long to gain permission to enter the Telgar Archives. He was told the best way to research the family trees of all who dwell within Telgar Hold was to speak to the archivist. Scanning rolls of shelves, desks and assorted people, many who appear to be inhabitants of the place, Darumem wasn't sure who was the head archivist. A few inquires lead him to a corner of the room that was rather isolated and afforded the occupant a certain level of privacy. Not quite a separate room but giving off the appearance of such.

"Are you Archivist Warkhim?" Darumam inquired, his hand moving as though it was conducting his words. "I am Lord Darumem, of Litner Hold, I was told you were the one who could best assist me."
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