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A talk in the Dining Hall [A'liran]
« on: 27 Sep 2013 at 05:19 AM »
The dining hall was nearly empty and T'ken felt a frission of relief as he finished gathering his food and picked a seat at an empty table.  Kela lay down beside him, the leather cape she wore enough to keep her from smelling of wet dog.  The rain ahd fallen constantly and T'ken was forgetting what a wonder it was to be dry.  The canine was too well trained to beg, but not above making him feel guilty for enjoying supper.  T'ken studiously ignored her, though did set aside a few bites of his herdbeast slice for her after he was done eating.

He took his time, relaxing after a hard day of taking care of Indrith, lessons, and his canines.  Weyrlinghood and having a dragon wasn't all it was cracked up to be.  He was beginning to wonder if he had been lied to about Indrith letting him work with his canines felt like all his nightmares were coming true since Impressing.  His foster mother tried to help, often distracting Indrith so T'ken could work and trying her best to talk to him, but T'ken wasn't sure if it truly helped or made things worse. 

He needed to work harder on this dragonrider thing.  Graduation was coming up fast adn there was still so much he didn't know.  He was feeling like he had when his mother had he was just pretending to know what he was doing, half trained and trying fill the shoes of a fully trained journeyman.  It felt like that for dragon riding, like he'd be a weyrling pretending to be a dragonrider. 

Worse than that was the thought that he'd wind up in his father's wing.  He knew Ravana had gone to S'kef and begged the man to take him into his own wing, but her attempt to shield T'ken and T'rel by not telling S'kef why...well the weyrleader would do what he wanted.  He didn't think he could pretend respect for the man.  He got angry just watching a wing practice, and he had a feeling that actually engaging in one would wind up with him and his father butting heads again.

He sighed and once again pushed his negative thoughts away, before Indrith noticed them and got upset.  He didn't want to have to explain things to the brown again.  He would work it out, he always did and this time he wasn't alone.  That helped.  It helped more than he could imagine. 

The weyrling realized he was picking at his food and stopped, starting to actually eat.  He relaxed as he ate, his stomach stopping it's hungry grumbles and the sips of juice helping him to relax.  The chill from a day spent out in the rain started to fade and he took a deep breath, feeling human again.  This was better. 
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Re: A talk in the Dining Hall [A'liran]
« Reply #1 on: 02 Feb 2014 at 01:35 AM »
A'liran knew T'ken only by association. He knew Ravana well enough to consider her a friend, but not well enough to feel close to her friends or family, and that included adopted charges. He knew the young man's face and heard plenty of stories, but Ali's opinion of the young man was in question after his unfortunate impression to a brown dragon.

It was a waste of a good kid in Ali's mind, though he hadn't yet written the young man off as a lost cause. Ali was more surprised than anything. He didn't consider a brown or bronze dragon a corrupting influence, but rather suspected that they only Impressed to potential bastards. So T'ken turned out to be a potential bastard? What a shame! It was beneficial for Ravana, at least. She wouldn't have to worry about her little ward being abused as greenriders were.

This was a generalization. Ali hadn't actually put much thought into the matter. T'ken's Impression merited a basic formation of opinion, but the greenrider hadn't thought about it since then. He didn't even notice who he'd seated himself beside at first; Bastard and Lump were distracting him with their fussing and he was fuming a bit over some bronzer's pass as his backside, so his choice of benchmate had a lot of competition for his attention.

The greenrider seated himself heavily, grumbling at his fire lizards to keep from grumbling at the bronzerider. After the pair of little bronzes took their argument onto the table, Ali threw his fist down and growled bitterly at them, sending them both off in a flurry of annoyed and apologetic chirps. Ali frowned a bit, brows furrowed and fingers drumming impatiently on the table. He looked to his left, where he saw the young brownrider and finally noticed just who he was.

"...Sorry bout that, kid," he grunted. He shrugged moodily and looked to his food.
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Re: A talk in the Dining Hall [A'liran]
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