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Author Topic:  A Tightening of Bonds [V'riy]  (Read 2114 times)

IC Date: 01.06.234 AL - mid afternoon onward

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A Tightening of Bonds [V'riy]
« on: 06 Oct 2013 at 04:57 PM »
01.06.234 AL

The weather was very hot and she did her best to avoid the bright sun. As dinner approached she hoped V'riy would like to go on a picnic with her. Suspecting he wouldn't want a hot meal any more than she did in this heat and humidity, Arddra packed a basket with chilled wine, cheeses, meatrolls, bread, sweetbread and fresh fruit.

Wishing she could just call Morith to her so he could give her a ride to V'riy's hut, Arddra walked towards his hut. As she didn't have the ability to speak to any dragon or even a specific dragon unless it was actually listening to her thoughts, she didn't even try. Morith may not even be at the hut, but she was certain V'riy will. He wasn't one to come to the hall to eat, preferring to do his own cooking.

By the time she neared his hut Arddra was drenched in sweat despite her efforts to stick to the shade. Pausing so she could take a drink out of the waterskin she also brought, Arddra was sick of the heat. It would be nice to be at Fort, it was so much cooler there at this time of the year. She didn't want to go home and miss out on Impressing however, she wanted a dragon in her life.

Taking a deep breath she pushed on, the basket getting more heavy than ever. She was also carrying a small pack which held a change of clothing. Remembering the first lesson V'riy gave her on how to wash a dragon, the idea of another picnic near a cool lake sounded like the perfect plan. She hoped once she arrived at V'riy's hut he will be willing to fly to a cool location and they both could get out of the heat. The entire South cannot be so hot.

Finally she reached V'riy's hut and knocked upon the door, eager to get out of the sun.

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Re: A Tightening of Bonds [V'riy]
« Reply #1 on: 13 Oct 2013 at 08:27 PM »
V'riy grumbled irritably from where he lay on his bed as he waited for Morith to return from hunting, aggravated with the sudden unexplainable heat wave. It was as if someone had just turned up the heat for some unknown reason. He worried about Ce'lie - she had been taken to the Healing Hall after passing out in her hut.

Twilirth had contacted Morith immediately and the healers had brought her core temperature down quickly enough, but V'riy couldn't stop worrying. The last time someone dear to him had cause to be in the Healing Hall, they hadn't come out. They had never gotten better. Of course, that had been a different situation entirely but V'riy hadn't been able to really settle down and relax since Ce'lie had been moved there.

V'riy blinked as his stomach growled angrily at him. What time was it, anyway? he thought as he realized that he had given Morith leave to hunt without making sure to fill his own belly. He threw his legs over the side of his bed and stood up as he dressed quickly. He had overslept by quite a bit today. The heat was making him one lazy, cranky bronzerider... and he normally enjoyed the warmer weather.

With a huge yawn, he moved into the kitchenette and poured himself a glass of water. Downing it thirstily, water gathered along the edges of mouth and dribbled down either side of his face. He wiped away the moisture with his sleeve and turned toward the door as he heard the sound of someone knocking.

I come, the bronze said as his rider crossed the distance to the door and paused before it. He shook his head as he tried to clear it in the oppressive heat. He couldn't remember if he had plans with anyone.

Who could this be?

Re: A Tightening of Bonds [V'riy]
« Reply #2 on: 13 Oct 2013 at 08:58 PM »
After knocking Arddra waited, hating the feel of the heat pounding down on her. It was times like this she missed the cooler weather of Fort. There must be cooler places in the South than here.

Shifting slightly he wondered why it was taking so long for V'riy to answer his door. Taking a step so she could see Morith's hallow she was dismayed to see it was currently empty. What if V'riy wasn't even here? Now what will she do?

Then she heard a creak from within the hut and realized somebody had to be inside. She moved back to the door and was about to knock again when the door opened. There before her was V'riy who looked like he wasn't enjoying the heat any more than she was.

"Hello V'riy, I hope I an not interrupting anything." Arddra smiled, "I thought we could find somewhere cool to have a picnic lunch together."

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Re: A Tightening of Bonds [V'riy]
« Reply #3 on: 13 Oct 2013 at 09:44 PM »
"That sounds great."

V'riy smiled warmly at Arddra and ran a hand through his hair, trying to get it to behave. He hadn't expected company and certainly hadn't taken the time to tend to his appearance that he normally did, but he supposed that given the heat she wouldn't notice. He picked up the front of his shirt and shook it. The air circulating inside the shirt brought a quiet grunt of relief.

He eyed the basket that the girl had brought with her. "I see you came prepared," he said with a grateful nod. "Morith should be along shortly. He was out hunting. Seems he's not affected much by this heat but then again he can pop between whenever he wants to cool off. Although I suppose I could be taking advantage of that..." his voice trailed off as he gestured for her to move to the side.

He couldn't stand the heat much longer. He walked past the girl and around the side of the hut. The bronzerider shaded his eyes as he felt along the side of the hut for the water barrel. He was seeing those black wavy lines again and he squinted as he tried to focus his eyes what was in front of him. Finally his hand hit the edge of the barrel. He lifted off the lid and, grabbing it with both hands, raised it up and over his head and turned it upside down, emptying the contents inside and drenching himself with water.

Laughing, he turned to face Arddra, feeling a hundred times better, though the water inside the barrel had been warm. "That's better," he said with a boyish grin. Overhead, Morith appeared in the sky, a welcome sight as he circled above and bugled a welcome to Arddra.

The bronze dragon landed in the clearing behind his wallow with a loud thud as his limbs all hit the ground simultaneously and stirred up a cloud of dust. He beat his wings to disperse the dust and clear the air and folded them quickly, turning his large head to the side to regard the two figures before him in his whirling blue eye.

Hello there the richly colored bronze said to Arddra in his musical voice.

V'riy chuckled as Morith greeted Arddra warmly. The bronze had been rather taken with the girl since the beginning. He picked up his shoulder bag from where he had left it beside Morith's wallow and fished riding straps out of it. Convenient that he had left the bag outside last night but he was lucky it hadn't rained. The bag was treated with something to resist water but that only went so far. He began attaching them to the bronze and adjusting the straps, tugging at them out of habit as he tested their strength and condition.

He turned to Arddra as he finished tugging and adjusting the straps. "Lake or River?"

Re: A Tightening of Bonds [V'riy]
« Reply #4 on: 13 Oct 2013 at 11:37 PM »
"I figured I best have everything with me," Arddra replied then stepped aside as V'riy gestured. She watched as he walked around the side of the building and followed him to just keep him in sight. It also allowed her to step into the shade. When he grabbed the barrel beside the hut and upended it over his head Arddra chuckled lightly.

"The cold of Between may be too shocking for us after all this heat, but I am no expert." Arddra set the basket down and smiled as V'riy turned to face her again, drenched in water. "Flying would give a nice breeze, wet clothes will probably make you sick going Between but you know that too."

When Morith bugled a welcome she looked up and gave a wave before turning away so she wouldn't have dust and dirt accidentally blown into her eyes. Once he landed she turned and smiled at him.

"Hello Morith, did you enjoy your hunt?" Arddra stepped forward and offered to scratch his eye ridges, something she always liked to do. She considered Morith as much a friend as V'riy.

"If it wasn't so horribly hot I would offer to help with the straps so you can teach me how to put them on correctly." Arddra said, watching as V'riy expertly laid the straps over the bronze's bulk and tightened them. "It's too hot to fiddle with it now, I think we both are eager to get somewhere cooler. I think it's the hottest it's ever been here lately."

Picking up the basket, now that she saw V'riy was finished, Arddra walked over to him and handed him the basket. she expected he would want to secure it. "I was thinking the lake, it is large enough we can find an unclaimed spot. If it wasn't for chores I would suggest just staying there till this heatwave ends."

Once everything was ready and with a little help from V'riy, climbed up onto Morith's back and settled into a spot between the neck ridges. Ever since V'riy started teaching her how to clean and take care of a dragon, Arddra was more and more comfortable with V'riy to the point she didn't mind being in physical contact. Now she actually looked forward to feeling his strong arms around her and the feel of his body against hers.

"Ready when you are V'riy," she told him after the fighting straps were attached.

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Re: A Tightening of Bonds [V'riy]
« Reply #5 on: 20 Oct 2013 at 10:09 PM »
V'ry smiled at Arddra and fanned himself with his hands. His clothes were already starting to partially feel restrictive since the heat was a sticky, moist one, but at least he wouldn't be sweating for a time. This heat was damn oppressive.

"I imagine the cold of /between/ might feel refreshing to the both of us. This heat is terrible," he said, shaking his head in disgust. "I think since we've just a very short jump we'll be fine. If we were traveling farther it would be another thing entirely, and you'd be right," he said with an approving nod. 

V'riy accepted the basket as Arddra handed it to him and nodded. "Sure, lake it is, then. I bet we won't be the only ones there," he said with a grin. "Wonder if it'll be hard to find a spot where we won't be disturbed," he said with a contemplative look. He wasn't in a mood to be social with anyone else if he didn't have to, with Arddra one of the few exceptions.

He jogged lightly over to Morith and secured the basket to the dragon and tightened and adjusted the riding straps, looking them over for a final inspection with a critical eye. He almost rushed through the actions, he was so impatient to be off but he knew better than to hastily check straps. He motioned Arddra over with quick waves of his hand when he was finished. "Let's be off," he called to her, thinking about the cool, refreshing lake water and the food waiting for him in the covered basket.

When Arddra was next to him, he made a step for her out of his hands and boosted her up onto Morith's foreleg, making sure she had a good grip on the straps. He quickly climbed up the bronze and got comfortable, waiting until they were both secure before visualizing the lake and letting the bronze dragon take to the air again.

When they emerged above the lake, the bronze extended his wings fully and glided a bit as they searched for a place to land. The dragon scanned an area that looked empty which had a few sun-baked boulders that were almost completely flat, a favorite spot of V'riy's that was on the far side of the lake and was mostly secluded. Luckily it appeared deserted and he folded his wings slightly, gaining speed as he descended toward the beach.

The wind rushed past Arddra and V'riy as Morith approached the lakeshore. It was a welcome breeze but not as refreshing as it might have been. The heat was just that bad. As the bronze quickly landed, V'riy swung himself over Morith's side with a "Down I go!" to Arddra and slid down to the ground, unhooking the basket.

The bronzerider started removing his necessary riding gear and outer clothing after setting the basket to the side and he produced a blanket from his shoulder bag. The bronzerider was now only in the slightly wet undershirt and pants. He held up and shook the thin blanket before guiding it to the ground and placed the basket on top of it in one corner, his shoulder bag on another, and one boot each on the remaining corners to keep the blanket in place. He heard Arddra hit the ground behind him and was just pulling off his shirt as he heard her walk up behind him.

V'riy bent over as peeled off shirt and pants, revealing a pair of shorts underneath. He was barely conscious of Arddra as he rushed to get in the water. He grinned at her and pointed to the water. "Gonna cool off before lunch," he chuckled and he bounded across the short distance to the lake with a rush of energy. Morith followed him in, making splashing noises as his powerful legs carried his bronze bulk into the water.

Re: A Tightening of Bonds [V'riy]
« Reply #6 on: 21 Oct 2013 at 12:54 PM »
Arddra smiled as V'riy agreed a long trip Between would be risky to their health. It was a good sign she was learning about dragons outside of the Candidate lessons she had done so often she could teach it without any problem.

Once V'riy set up all the riding straps and made sure they were secure, Arddra handed him the basket to secure as well. When it was time she accepted his help to climb up and settled on Morith's back. He was such a large and beautiful dragon, it always made her feel like a Lady Holder upon his back. Like she was special.

After V'riy settled in place before her she snaked her arms around his waist, partly for extra securely and partly because she enjoyed the physical contact with him. Soon they were airborne and moments later Morith took them Between. The cold nothingness made her gasp but no sound reached her ears. Before she could take another breath they were above the lake and the oppressive heat hit her like a brick wall and it took her a moment to get her breath again.

She smiled when V'riy announced his descent, watching as he so expertly slid down Morith's side to the ground. If she wasn't wearing a skirt she may have done the same. Instead she climbed down more stately and landed with a soft thump. Reaching up she patted Morith's arm in thanks for letting her ride him.

As she started approaching V'riy she smiled at how well he anchored the blanket to the ground. There was a nice breeze but it wasn't strong enough to blow their blanket away. Just as she was about to make a joke about it V'riy stood and pulled off his shirt and she made a little gasp.

It wasn't the first time she had seen V'riy shirtless but she couldn't help how it took her breath away. By the time he was done he was just wearing shorts, as he often did to wash Morith so it wasn't completely new to her but he was oh so handsome and had a beautiful body. She wanted to touch it feel it pressed against her.

Blushing at these lustful thoughts, Arddra was glad he picked that moment to announce he was going to cool off and ran towards the lake, Morith trotting in after him. It gave her a moment to recover and decide she wanted to swim too. As she had already brought a change of clothing, she simply pulled off her loose blouse and left her breast bind on, a wider one than she normally used so her breasts were completely covered. Her skirt she untied and let dropped, wearing just long shorts herself. They were longer than a man's, falling just past the knee but the were easier to swim in than the skirt. Running to catch up with V'riy she slowed once her feet hit the water and wadded out til she was about waist deep in the water. then she simply knelt so she was nearly up to her shoulders in the cool water. As her swimming skills weren't too strong she rather not swim out to the deep. Here she can enjoy the cool water without being too deep.

"This does feel nice after all the heat of the day," Arddra called out, watching as V'riy swam so strongly. She moved her arms in the water but didn't want to work out too much.

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Re: A Tightening of Bonds [V'riy]
« Reply #7 on: 30 Oct 2013 at 01:31 AM »
V'riy was already feeling 10 times better than he had been in his peronsal hut at Katila, which was now more like a sauna. Swimming swiftly through the cool waters of the lake, V'riy found himself becoming more and more refreshed as he vigorously plunged his arms and legs through the cool liquid.

V'riy always had something on his mind and today that something was Arddra. Well, more S'kef, really, but because of Arddra. V'riy did several strokes, circling around Morith, always, and just powering through the water like he was born for it. V'riy needed the physical release to get his mind off of things.

After a bit of time, V'riy swam up and leaned against Morith, panting lightly. "Wow. That's better. Want to try it? Too me it seems you're only standing in the water." The bronzerider frowned, considering the girl. "Why don't you let me tow you along if your nervous about swimming? We are out here for a swim, you know," he said teasingly.

Morith bugled a soft agreement and brought his head around to regard Arddra. Suddenly he swung his tail around and behind the girl, lightly urging her to go deeper. You could also use my tail for support, dear one. no need for you to feel restricted by your swimming skills. We can teach you. The bronze pushed gently at the young woman, knowing that this distration was probably exactly what she needed.
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Re: A Tightening of Bonds [V'riy]
« Reply #8 on: 30 Oct 2013 at 01:38 PM »
Arddra smiled at V'riy and wished she was a stronger swimmer though she did feel cooler where she was. The suggestion of letting V'riy tow her around was a good one and she trusted him more than enough to know he would never do anything to endanger her. With Morith's encouraging bugle she started to nod in agreement with V'riy's suggestion only to hear Morith come with one of his own.

"Oh Morith, you really are a dear," Arddra reached over and placed an arm over his offered tail and used it as support so guide her towards V'riy. Her swimming was more dog paddle but her arms were getting stronger so she didn't have trouble reaching V'riy. Once at his side she joined him leaning against Morith, making it easier for her to keep above water without swimming.

"The water is much cooler over here," Arddra realized, smiling at both dragon and rider. "I can't wait till this heatwave ends, though we can still spend time here together when our duties permit it."


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