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How Unfortunate [O'wain]
« on: 07 Oct 2013 at 06:49 PM »
Astoreth had the worst timing.

One minute, Ali was growling irritably with a resident of the Weyrfolk Hall, demanding to know why something of his had gone missing when last he visited. It was bad enough to have idiots like Z'ia walking off with his clothes in front of him, but now he couldn't visit one of the few buildings in their tiny, low-population weyr without having his lunch purloined from his bag while he chatted in the hall? It didn't help that the poor bastard in Ali's crosshairs was blaming it on a fat, bronze fire lizard. Huh! A likely story indeed! Ali bristled with frustration and finally gave up, turning away and huffing off down the hallway, intent on getting a replacement meal.

Of course, that was just one minute. The next, he was running. It started when the creeping paranoia that spawned his little rant finally made it's way through his whole consciousness, infecting him with every suspicious thought known to man. The people in the halls were after him! They were all eyeing him like a piece of meat, ready to chase him down and rob him! Rob him, or worse...!

He gasped and took off, prompted suddenly buy an unexpected loud noise behind him. He tore anxiously through the hallways, much to the confusion of the non-rider residents, but that ended quickly when he heard footsteps behind him. Boiling with panic, the greenrider threw himself into a vacant room and slammed the door shut behind him.

Astoreth! They're after me!


It finally sunk in. Ali's eyes widened, and quite suddenly he scowled in fury. "You SLUT!" he raged, slamming both fists into the door and grinding his teeth obnoxiously. Astoreth was flying!
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Re: How Unfortunate [O'wain]
« Reply #1 on: 07 Oct 2013 at 08:35 PM »
O'wain was chatting up a pretty dredge who was helping him find a few things he needed for his hut when he felt the familiar urge. At first he thought it was his usual arousal talking to anybody he found attractive. Then it hit him hard at about the same time he saw A'liran sprint right past like a wild wher was on his tail.

Astoreth rises and this time she's mine! The brown affirmed in his mind what O'wain was suspecting. A few others took notice but by then O'wain was sprinting after the golden haired man.

Flight lust was full on him when O'wain sensed Nishkath was about to make his move. He could hear A'liran's shouts behind the door separating him from his potential lovers. He didn't like the door between him and his prize and pushed it open and slipping inside.

Already he was having a hard time remembering he was here on the ground and not soaring above the clouds chasing after a brightly glowing green beauty. Force of habit had him pulling off his shirt, anticipating a win.


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Re: How Unfortunate [O'wain]
« Reply #2 on: 12 Oct 2013 at 10:01 PM »
A'liran set his jaw and snarled as he felt another man pressing on the door from the opposite side. "Fuck off!" he screamed, clawing anxiously at the door before throwing his weight against it, trying to fend the suitor off before he could get inside. What if it was Z'ia?! What if it wasn't D'hys? What if it was someone even worse than the last one? Ali was trapped in a moldy backroom, there was no way anyone would come along to help him or even be there to witness whatever horrible fate might befall him. He would be helpless, left with no option but to fight his way out!

The greenrider psyched himself out so badly that when a strong male snatched Astoreth from the sky, it took him completely by surprise. He was too worried about the potential winner that when the moment came, he wrenched in shock and recoiled, allowing O'wain to easily push inside. A'liran let out a shout of surprise, scrambling to escape the man, but as Astoreth tumbled to the ground, it was almost as if everything was going black.


Ali's eyes fluttered open. He couldn't see much, only a small sliver of light where the door still hung partway open. He could smell moisture and mildew, along with the unmistakable, unpleasantly-pleasant scent of sex. His body ached, but as he slowly lifted his head and sat up, he found that it did not ache as much as he expected. Somewhere in the distance, Astoreth was dozing next to some unknown male dragon, a brown judging by Ali's racing, fractured memory. A brown?

So it couldn't be Z'ia or D'hys. So what did that mean?

The greenrider frowned, then slowly forced himself to look. "...Who the fuck are you?" he asked the silhouette beside him. The greenrider kept his chin up,disdainful eyes watching with mistrust.

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Re: How Unfortunate [O'wain]
« Reply #3 on: 12 Oct 2013 at 11:17 PM »
O'wain was curled around a warm naked body, feeling quite content. Distantly he could sense Nishkath sleeping soundly next to his latest catch. He then felt his partner stirring, causing O'wain to open his eyes. The small room was dark but his eyes were already well adjusted to the dimness so it wasn't difficult to track A'liran's movements.

Seeing him sit up and slowly look around, O'wain smiled, one hand reaching up to caress his prize but his hand froze at the man's words.

"I am O'wain, brown Nishkath's rider," O'wain introduced himself. "Normally I introduce myself before the first kiss but things happened rather quickly. You're A'liran if I am correct. I do like to know my greenriders, never know when Nishkath will catch one."

He studied the greenrider, his features not too easy seen in the dim light but O'wain didn't have to see him clearly to sense the tension radiating off the man. "Lie back down beside me, relax. You'll learn quick I am a gentle lover."

O'wain hoped A'liran would lie down and relax because right now O'wain hurt. He recalled vaguely A'liran put up a fight before he totally succumbed to flightlust. He really disliked catching greens ridden by riders who tended to put up a fight. O'wain even fully with Nishkath as he was during mating flights, tried to be a gentle lover. Roughness wasn't something he needed to enjoy sex. A little roughhousing was alright but he preferred the kind that rarely left bruising.


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Re: How Unfortunate [O'wain]
« Reply #4 on: 15 Oct 2013 at 09:58 PM »
A'liran sneered. "Your greenriders, huh?" he said with disdain. What a typical blowhard! That brownrider was so casual and smug, sitting there on his high-horse like everything revolved around him. Ali paused and watched the brownrider sideways for a few long moments, his tension lingering and even growing as he sat there and stewed in the man's words.

"You're making an awful lot of assumptions," Ali said, pulling his shirt close and pulling it over his lap, covering himself up as best he could. It was more an act of defiance than modesty, since no amount of modesty could undo what had been done. Ali wasn't exactly shy regarding his body, but he liked to sense a message that it was off-limits. Judging by the way this asshole was talking, Ali wasn't sure if he would get that much without a clear message.

Brownriders. How disgusting, that he just assumed that A'liran would want to come to his side. He assumed that his gentle words would be proof enough of his innocent intentions. He assumed that Ali wanted anything to do with him at all! The longer the greenrider thought about it, the angrier it made him. Dozens of bad flights and cruel partners howled art him from the back of his mind, bringing up bad memories that he had no business remembering. Why would anything be different now? He clenched his hands into fists and ground his teeth a bit, expression sharp and uncomfortable.

"Don't even talk to me, brownrider," he said, scooting away while he felt around for his pants. Of course, his pants would happen to be on the other side of O'wain.  Shards! Upon noticing the bunched up fabric that he believed to be his pants, he had to make a decision. "Give me my pants!" he barked, defensive and nervous.

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Re: How Unfortunate [O'wain]
« Reply #5 on: 16 Oct 2013 at 12:33 AM »
O'wain felt hurt to be sneered at. What did he do wrong? Outwardly he just schooled his expression to a less self satisfied one. "It's just an expression, I certainly don't pretend to 'own' anybody. I just keep track of who the greenriders are so I am not totally lost at who I end up in bed with after a flight. Not that I always remember every greenrider but I remember you."

His eyes followed the movement of the shirt for a moment then gave a sigh. He rather liked after flightlust sex, it made for a far more memorable experience. Flightlust was just too much primal drive and lacked his more skillful control. So much energy wasted and the inevitable sleep. Outside of flightlust O'wain took his time, made sure his partner was getting as much enjoyment out of it than he was.

"I do like to sound confident, no offense." O'wain tried to figure out what was going through A'liran's head, his facial expressions kept jumping from disdain, disgust and now anger. He sighed. The guy probably was caught by S'kef or one of those other dragonriders who liked to be excessively rough with their bed partners. It made him glad he had a brown and not a green himself.

"I am not the only one making assumptions, A'liran." O'wain sat up and crossed his legs, resting his hands on his lap. He noticed the other rider's pants were beside him and picked them up. He didn't hand them over to A'liran yet. "I don't know what other brownriders have done to you but I don't bite. There's no need to get all angry and hostile as I have no intention to do anything to you that you don't wish me to."

O'wain tossed A'liran his pants gently. Just enough force used to ensure the pants would thump against the man's chest if he failed to catch them but not so hard it would cause any damage if he let it hit him. "If you want to know what I am like, ask around. All my past lovers, in and out of flightlust will say I am a good lover, gentle and very conscientious of their pleasure. A few women may tell you heart wrenching stories about how I dumped them but those are the few who fell in love with me only to realize I was never in love with them. I didn't mean to hurt their feelings but I have always been honest in the fact I don't do commitments."


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Re: How Unfortunate [O'wain]
« Reply #6 on: 31 Oct 2013 at 02:37 AM »
A'liran didn't like being called out on his hypocrisy. He sneered again, expression tense and smoldering. "I do know you, come to think of it," he replied, narrowing his eyes as he glanced sideways at the other man, as if sizing up his silhouette. "At least I think so. You're another one of those smooth talkers, aren't you? The ones who slink around in the dark and break girls' hearts and whisper sweet nothings to greenriders. You think you're the firstof your kind whose promised not to hurt me? Please! Get over yourself..."

Thump. Ali flinched a bit as his own pants slapped lightly against his chest. Her awkwardly caught them and hesitated as he looked back at the brownrider, offering only a nod in acknowledgment. Well, at least he'd be able to re-clothe himself without too much of a fight! He'd honestly been ready to butt heads over his clothing!

The greenrider muttered something unintelligible as he wriggled back into them. He had no answer for O'wain's comment on assumptions, but he did know the type. O'wain was another flippant sweet-talking brownrider, and Ali didn't trust them for a moment. His stubbornness and his desire to avoid pain mingled, pushing him further into his corner. He didn't feel safe, but it was better to appear brash than to appear weak. "So you're trying to tell me you're different from all the other blue and brownriders who have said things like that to me?" he inquired, his tone a little less accusing, but no less rigid.

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Re: How Unfortunate [O'wain]
« Reply #7 on: 31 Oct 2013 at 07:37 PM »
"Well, not really 'that' type." O'wain clarified. "I don't slink, I walk with pride...unless I am sneaking up on somebody to scare them for a prank but I don't do that too often."

"I like to believe I am very upfront with people, I don't do commitment or long term relations but there are always a few ladies who think they are special and one or two nights with them and I will be begging them to be my weyrmate. Those are usually the ones that get all heart broken, I don't mean to hurt them." O'wain loved attention, seduction and flirting and was eager to get any person in bed, greenrider or not. In truth he preferred bed partners outside of flights, he could take his time and truly enjoy it and ensure his partner was as satisfied as he could make him or her.

He watched as A'liran wiggled into his trousers and smiled. He had a great wiggle and just thinking of that that movement would do if he was inside caused a certain part of O'wain's anatomy to wake up more fully. When A'liran spoke, O'wain's eyes looked up to his.

"I am who I am, and I am not anybody else you know. I don't hurt people physically, I don't like to. I don't want to hurt you or anybody. Yes, I have emotionally hurt a few people but only because they developed feelings and expectations I couldn't give them. I can be a great lover for you on a casual basis, outside of flight lust, if you would like. I doubt you will have any trouble finding my hut, stop by any time." O'wain invited. "Again, ask around, let others confirm what I am telling you. This way you will know if I am lying and since I am not giving you a list of names to seek out, you know I am not just choosing those who I know will say what I want them to say to you."

Looking up from where he was sitting, O'wain waited to see what the greenrider will do now. He hoped A'liran wouldn't leave, would sit down and talk. Better yet he hoped in the future he will hear a knock at his door and see A'liran hoping to spend some time with him outside of flightlust.


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