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To Be or Not To Be [B'jin]
« on: 15 Nov 2013 at 06:09 AM »
Casa had spent most of her time since the Hatching away from other people; it was a complete turn around in her personality, but she didn't want to spend time near others after what had happened at the Hatching. She had had an abundance of nightmares since then, waking up in the middle of the night covered in sweat, the memories of the half-formed queen still fresh and vivid in her mind. The image still made her feel sick, and had likely been the cause of her waking up so early this morning.

She had gotten up, gone and soaked quietly in a tub, and then gone and brought food back to her room. There, she had oiled the firelizards and fed them, nibbling blandly at the food she'd brought from herself. She hadn't had much of an appetite either. The firelizards crowded around her as she picked at her food, Knack curled tightly on her neck. She stroked their heads gently, eyes listlessly sliding over the walls.

She knew she would have to get over it, eventually. She rationally knew it happened at Hatchings. But it had been horrifying, as she had been right there near Indivara when it had...happened. And she'd never heard of that happening to a Queen egg. It was a huge loss to a Weyr that was just starting to recover numbers, and the whole thing had pretty much killed her desire to be a candidate. She was afraid of being the one to cause such a thing to happen again. And what happened if something else happened - she Impressed, but the dragon got sick or injured and died because of her negligence?

She sat in her room pretty much all afternoon after having finished her chores, unsure what else to do. Shaking her head, she slowly stood and pulled on one of her pale yellow dresses, brushing her hair back as she pulled on heavy boots. The outfit looked odd - a sundress and boots, with no sun to be found in the place - but she wasn't going far. She clomped down the hallway to one of the classrooms where more lessons had just ended. Waiting for the room to clear out, she curled up in the back of the room, tiredly leaning her head against a wall.
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Re: To Be or Not To Be [B'jin]
« Reply #1 on: 22 Nov 2013 at 07:24 AM »
B’jin waved a hand as he wandered down the hall of the Candidate Barracks, having just come from the bedroom his son had claimed as his own. The boy was finally old enough to Stand, and B’jin was beyond proud at the idea of his boy on the Sands, and especially of the potential the kid showed as a dragonrider. Moreover, Larrikith said he would Impress well! Since B’jin did not see the boy as a bluerider, and he refused to acknowledge the existence of brown dragons, that automatically meant that B’jin envisioned his child as a bronzerider – the existence of green dragons was automatically moot, since they didn’t classify under the title ‘well’ when it came to Impression. B’jin would not wish the life of a greenrider on anyone, but especially not upon his son!

As he wandered his way down the main hall, B’jin’s attention was mostly focused on petting the itty-bitty gold firelizard curled up and sleeping in the palm of his right hand. She was rumbling soft and adorable purrs at the attention, her eyes half closed and swirling with contentment. It was she, however, that noticed the form of someone sitting on their own when B’jin strode past an open classroom door. The little gold chirped questioningly, and B’jin’s step faltered. “Hrm?” He glanced down at her, frowning slightly before looking in the direction her attention was focused.

B’jin backed up three steps and leaned backwards, so he could peer through the open door. Brown eyes blinked in surprise at seeing Casa curled up so sadly in the corner. He frowned in confusion and hesitated, unsure if he should call attention to himself – or to her, when it clearly looked like she was trying to keep to herself. He blinked again, and pursed his lips thoughtfully. The girl was getting to the age where she was more ‘young woman’ and less ‘little girl’. B’jin knew how to handle little girls, thanks to Amorandii, and he knew how to handle women. He was not quite sure where he stood with young women that were hopping all around between the two zones.

“Casa?” He leaned against the frame of the door, leaning into the room as he frowned at her, slightly worried. “You alright?” When in doubt, go with what is known! To the concerned greenrider, Casa looked very much like a tired, upset girl than she did a woman. He could work with that! He knew how to handle upset little girls! Hopefully.
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Re: To Be or Not To Be [B'jin]
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