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Unexpected Encounter [Korutath, L'varl]
« on: 25 Oct 2013 at 01:06 PM »
Arddra emerged from the kitchen with a bowl of meat scraps. Her two hatchling flits were waiting very patiently for her. It had taken quite a bit of effort to train them over the last seven day to not come to her when they were feeling hungry. Fortunately she was able to get a schedule going to feed them before she went for her own meal. It kept them from feeling too hungry it overrode everything.

Hope and Shield flew to her the minute she was outside, keening in hunger. Not letting either of them at the meat, both quickly attached themselves to her shoulders, keening their hunger. Arddra headed to the nearest shade and sat down on the ground so she could focus on feeding them both.

"No need to fight, plenty of food for the both of you," Arddra said softly, feeding Shield then Hope. Having the two flits with here made her feel less alone. The change in her relationship with V'riy also made her feel very different. No longer did she feel like she was trapped here.

When the brown and blue firelizard's stomachs were bulging with meat and the bowl empty, Arddra settled them securely against her neck before standing up. Brushing off her skirt she turned and handed the bowl to a passing drudge to return to the kitchen. That was when she noticed the bronze dragon watching her.

At first she thought it may be Morith but it didn't take her more than a second to see this wasn't Morith. She spent so much time around V'riy and Morith she knew what he looked like at a glance. She knew there was no way it could have landed without her noticing, even if she was preoccupied with feeding her firelizards. Being preoccupied with her new friends it was possible Arddra just didn't notice the dragon as it wasn't unusual for her to walk past them time to time.
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Re: Unexpected Encounter [Korutath, L'varl]
« Reply #1 on: 26 Oct 2013 at 10:04 PM »
Korutath was not a studious beast, and L'varl had never tried to make him into one. This day was much the same as many others,  and now that the heat wave had finally loosened its grasp and the Weyr had returned to business as usual it wasn't uncommon to find Korutath in the middle of the Weyr when L'varl was nowhere to be found. He always did his best to stay out of the way, lest he get his tail trodden on by one of the women of the Weyr (they intimidated him about as much as anything). He was relatively out of the way today, stretched out along the outskirts of the Gather Square with his head resting on his crossed forelegs. The bronze almost looked as if he was asleep, but for the twitching tail-tip and the sliver of faceted eye you could see if you knew what to look for.

He really was on the verge of taking a nap, and was mildly irritated when a pair of green fire lizards burst out of between over his head, chittering angrily at each other. He raised his head and took a lazy snap at them, not particularly expecting to catch them, but at least it sent them on their way. He hadn't noticed the girl sit down initially, but now that he'd been pulled out of his laziness, his attention was drawn to her and her lizards easily. Korutath had never had an overpowering interest in fire lizards; he found them mildly annoying, to be honest, and even the most well-behaved tended to be a little unruly when the mood struck them. It was just good fortune that his rider was of much the same opinion, though he didn't mind them in public when their humans were there to monitor them. It was when the adventurous ones somehow got into his hut that he got irritated. Unfortunately, it happened fairly often as the bronzerider had a habit of leaving the windows open when the weather called for it.

But now, it seemed, the little lizards were done eating, and the girl rose to her feet. Then she had the good timing to look over at him, and he tilted his head to one side. If he could he would have smiled at her, but instead gave a low croon of greeting. He didn't spend much time talking to other humans, generally preferring to let conversations be passed from dragon to rider or, when there was no dragon to deliver it, through L'varl. Dragon etiquette was all very complicated, and Korutath truthfully didn't have the attention span to worry about it when he didn't have L'varl to make things that much simpler. But, hells, she didn't look like she had a dragon. He was fairly loud anyway (or so L'varl would tell him, with an odd pained look on his face), so it wasn't that out of the ordinary for someone else to hear him. He just wasn't accustomed to do it on purpose. Hello.
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Re: Unexpected Encounter [Korutath, L'varl]
« Reply #2 on: 26 Oct 2013 at 10:22 PM »
With the bronze definitely looking at her now, Arddra inclined her head politely. It was something she always did towards the golds and a few weyrbrats had snickered at her for doing it during hatchings. She knew it wasn't necessary to make a curtsy or bow to the gold dragons or any dragon but she didn't care. To her it was her way to respect these creatures now that she wasn't terrified of them.

When she heard his voice in her mind saying hello, Arddra was rather startled. He wasn't the first dragon to speak to her but he was definitely the first to speak to her with no sign of his rider. At least she couldn't see any dragonrider near the bronze.

"Hello, I am quite honored you have spoken to me...I hope I haven't disturbed you," Arddra said in a normal speaking voice. Her time with Morith and V'riy taught her she didn't have to speak any differently for a dragon to hear her. "My name's Arddra, was there anything I can do for you?"


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