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This Weather [T'lian]
« on: 03 Nov 2013 at 08:53 AM »
It was strange, to be so close to the fields again. S'cer had hoped that he would have time to continue his research with grain production, but Quelseth had turned everything upside down. He didn't resent her, because it was impossible to resent her--she loved him unconditionally, every part of him, even if sometimes he felt like he wasn't worthy of her. He was happier with her around, even if there was still a deep-seated resentment for dragon riders that he doubted he would ever shake, but she made the bad days bearable.

Do you want to try it again? Isscer shot her a look, running careful fingers over the riding harness. They were supposed to practice gliding as much as possible, and the rain wasn't enough of an excuse to get out of it. Are the straps fitting fine? I don't want them rubbing...

Quelseth twisted her head to peer down at him, eyes whirling merrily as she laughed, soft and musical. It brought a grin to S'cer's face, the flush showing easily on pale skin before he reached to tug his flight goggles back down. I thought I was supposed to be the mothering one.

S'cer rolled his eyes as he fitted his foot into the toe loops and swung himself up into place. You are. Clipping in to the straps properly, he tested the connection before patting her gently on the neck. One more time and we'll head back.

Quelseth spread her wings and no matter how many times they had practiced, S'cer still found his stomach lurching as she approached the slope of the crest. He enjoyed flying simply because he felt closest to Quelseth at that point--together in spirit and mind, savoring the moment.

The rain is very beautiful, even if it makes everything a mess.

The familiar dreamy intonation was apparent; Quelseth was daydreaming, and S'cer smiled indulgently as they drew closer to land. It is. Sometimes if the sun hit it, it sparkles. Landing wasn't quite smooth, and the jarring force of it caused S'cer to rock back into the straps hard, stealing his breath away. He coughed, unclipping himself so he could slide down and he could walk back toward their hut--an abandoned one on the very eastern outskirts of the huts.

That was-- A yelp slipped free from S'cer as he slipped on the mud underfoot, falling flat on his back. "Sharding rain," he hollered, slapping one gloved palm against the ground, catching his breath yet again as he pushed himself up into a sitting position.

Perhaps you should go see about a bath on your way back.

It was as amused as it was mothering, and S'cer shot the green a dark look. "If I wouldn't have to clean it off later, don't think that I wouldn't throw a glob of this at you." She laughed again, bright and merry, and took to the sky.

Don't be too late, S'cer. She circled overhead once before heading in the direction of their hut and her hollow, which he'd covered over with a lean-to. He didn't want her catching sick at every opportunity, and tried to prevent it as much as he could.

S'cer slid the flight goggles up with muddy hands, sighing, and seriously considered just laying there and letting the drizzling rain clean him up. The wet squelch of mud as he shifted made him scowl; he had just oiled the leathers down, and now he would have to wash them and do it all over again.
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Re: This Weather [T'lian]
« Reply #1 on: 11 Nov 2013 at 02:00 AM »
I wonder what they're doing... T'lian asked with surprise, raising a brow as he watched Quelseth depart into a haze of light rain. The young man prompted Khaduceth to circle once and land. Tal coldn't wrap his head uwhy S'cer would send Quelseth away, leaving himself to walk home in the rain.

Don't ask me the brown replied lazily. He was fond of S'cer and Quelseth; they were both polite and made good company for his T'lian, even if they were a little soft and frivolous for his tastes. The dragon would never question his bonded's choice in company, even if they were not the ones he would have chosen himself. Shall we ask?

The dragon descended without asking, for he already knew the response. He landed a respectful distance away and patiently helped his awkward bonded climb down. T'lian was anything but graceful. He was educated enough to be functional, but he lacked the poise and polish of more eager riders. It didn't help that he and Khaduceth rarely flew unless necessary. They preferred to bond on the ground.

T'lian trotted over, waving through the rain. "Hey! S'cer, is that you?" he called out. He almost froze, embarrassed for a moment. What if he was mistaken, or interrupting something? He didn't want to look like an idiot, but the words had already escaped his mouth! He laughed awkwardly and took a couple quick steps closer. He cleared his throat and came to a stop. "What are you doing out here alone?"

Re: This Weather [T'lian]
« Reply #2 on: 14 Nov 2013 at 04:11 AM »
S'cer squinted at the dark shape overhead, not quite able to pick Khaduceth out due to distance and the rain. The size of the dragon alone indicated that he wasn't one of S'cer's class, and he sighed, quite certain that if anyone needed more to gossip about, this might be good fodder. It wasn't until T'lian spoke that it registered with S'cer as to who it was, and he jumped up straight away, sloughing off excess mud where he could along his arms and legs, face going red. "Er, ah, T'lian! Fancy seeing you here!"

S'cer wasn't quite used to being anything less than composed, and being caught unaware was embarrassing enough without it being T'lian, who he generally wanted to impress and, well, not seem a complete failure around. He hadn't really seen T'lian properly since his Impression, at least not enough to have had an in-depth conversation, what with his being busy with Quelseth and then the heatstroke and sickness in the Weyr keeping everyone busy.

"Er, we were flying? But Quelseth's got a bit of a cough, so I sent her on ahead." It was typical that S'cer thought of Quelseth before himself, but it was more to the point that he wanted to retain some bit of normalcy. Just because he had a dragon didn't mean he still couldn't walk places, even if flying was easier. Quelseth had a hard enough time as it was with flying, especially with any amount of wind, and S'cer tended to coddle her a bit. She wasn't incapable of flying, but preferred non-windy, calm weather for it, which S'cer found logical. "And now I'm filthy, so I'd advise you to watch your step."

S'cer grinned at T'lian, tugging off the his gloves and tucking them into his riding belt so he could wipe the worst of the mud spatters off with the heel of his hand. "I thought the pair of you didn't fly so well, and yet here you are, coming to rescue me." S'cer laughed, because it was hard to picture T'lian, for all his superior intelligence, coming to the aid of any damsel in distress. "I'm flattered, truly."


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Re: This Weather [T'lian]
« Reply #3 on: 01 Dec 2013 at 06:22 PM »
Quelseth had a cough? She was sick again? Poor dear. Tal always felt a little lingering sense of sympathy for S'cer, who was so like himself in so many ways, but also had to deal with the worry that came with a sickly dragon. Tal was honestly amazed that the other young man handled it so well. Before the hatching, S'cer had been awfully bitter and negative, something that T'lian wholeheartedly empathized with. After? He seemed so much brighter and happier, even with this new fear.

Tal was happier himself, but he didn't actively realize it. He was quieter and less outwardly cheerful about it, so something about it didn't click in his head. So instead, he just marveled at it for a the point that he spaced out.

"Oh! Um..." Khaduceth filled in the blanks so T'lian could continue. "...It's not so much that we can't fly as we don't like to..." he explained awkwardly. Wow, that sounded terrible. "Well, it's not that I don't like him, I just get a little sick, and I'm not very good at balance...not as bad as it sounds, though!"

The young brownrider paused and wrinkled his nose. He was rattling, and he realized at once that the longer he kept trying to clarify himself, the more pathetic he would sound. He wasn't even sure how to elegantly make his point now! He and Khaduceth weren't even the worst in their class. They weren't spectacularly bad, they were just...boringly bad. There was nothing flashy or amusing about their failings, they were just solidly below average. It was infuriating, really.

Feeling a little silly, the healer forced a laugh and then smiled. The smile was much more genuine. "...I'm rescuing you, am I? That's new. Normally I'm the one being rescued," he said with amusement.

Re: This Weather [T'lian]
« Reply #4 on: 04 Dec 2013 at 06:42 AM »
T'lian was horribly endearing when he was babbling, S'cer realized, watching it all unfold before his eyes with a small, private smile threatening to spread across his face. He had never seen the Healer so unsettled, though this was probably due to his own reticence to socialize in his Candidacy, and it was an entirely different experience. T'lian had always been the smartest one in the room, and now he struggled to be a good dragonrider? It was amusing that there was one thing that S'cer could best the Healer in.

And when T'lian smiled, awkward but genuine, S'cer liked that best of all. T'lian's smiles were rare, and S'cer had never been on the receiving end of one; he grinned back, ducking his head as he--not thinking--swiped his hand through his hair. At least it had been the clean hand! His damp hair stuck up in unruly tufts, the less-than-orderly appearence and the easy smile serving to make him look considerably less sour and more his age.

"Of course you are, T'lian. Do I need to swoon to prove it?" S'cer fluttered his eyelashes, trying for an imitation of a love-struck girl, and laughed. "Don't worry--I'll come rescue you next time if that'll make you feel better." A greenrider rescuing a brownrider was preposterous, especially with Quelseth's illness, but it was the thought that counted.

T'lian is nice enough. I think he has a nice smile.

There was an amused cast to her quiet voice, and S'cer wasn't quite sure what she was hinting at. "Quelseth says hello, by-the-by, and recommends that you smile more." He shrugged, knowing that the green was often making off-hand remarks and figuring that she wouldn't be too embarrassed that he chose to share them with T'lian.

"Why are you out here if you aren't good at flying, hm? Feeding time?" S'cer shot Khaduceth a look, remembering how the the first time he had willingly touched a dragon, it had been the brown. Typically the dragons just went to feed on their own, but perhaps T'lian had wanted a change of scenery?


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Re: This Weather [T'lian]
« Reply #5 on: 17 Dec 2013 at 11:56 AM »
Swoon? Tal giggled, partially because the idea sounded so ridiculous. Tal was the one with a tendency to swoon over anyone who took an interest in him, so he had no idea how to react to someone else even suggesting the idea of being the one to swoon at him.

 "Maybe, or I'll probably never realize what I've done otherwise," the healer said, taking a dry little jab at himself. "And hey. I'm getting better at rescuing myself," he pointed out with a little bit of a smile, thinking back on his former frailty. He was still no juggernaut, but it felt nice to be able to deal with his emotions. He didn't take it for granted, that was for sure. He still felt that he owed a life-debt to B'jin and V'ler for sticking by him when things were hard. He damn sure preferred rescuing himself, though. It made him feel strong, for the first time in his life.

Hey, maybe that contributed to why S'cer's suggestion amused the healer so. It was a role-reversal and a half!

He was a little less enthusiastic about the topic of flying, but he smirked and looked up disdainfully at the rain just the same. "Yeah.." he said. He searched for Khaduceth, only to find that the dragon had already snatched a meal and was curled up with it, taking his pleasant time at opening it up and starting his meal. Tal was unconcerned. Khaduceth was perfectly reasonable and trustworthy, and he needed no supervision. "Looks like it's dealt with, though," he said. He also took note of his fire lizards; Fellis was curled up in one of his pockets, cowering from the rain as if it had teeth, and Tansy was perched regally on a rock, watching Khaduceth feed. Tal may not have felt he needed supervision, but Tansy was another matter, and she remained poised in spite of the rain, ignoring it as if the mere act would make it go away. It was a comical sight.

Tal shifted his attention back to S'cer. "I'm sorry Quelseth isn't feeling well again," he said, his tone taking on a new softness. He tried to keep from sounding grim. It was very much in his nature, but he knew it wasn't exactly encouraging. Like many, he'd feared for the little green's life.

He glanced back up in the rain again. 'Can we head back and talk inside? I don't want to get sick, too," he implored softly, but with a hint of piteous urgency.

Re: This Weather [T'lian]
« Reply #6 on: 22 Dec 2013 at 02:26 PM »
S'cer was hardly the type to swoon in any case; while his preferences in bed partners made him a good choice for a greenrider, he was hardly feminine. Turns of work in the fields and now caring for Quelseth had toughened him up in more ways than one--his Stealing had effectively made him distrustful of everyone and more a workaholic than he had been previously. T'lian's dry sense of humor pleased him; a smile curled at the corners of S'cer's mouth, and he huffed a small laugh.

"She'll come through it," he said, a bit brusquer than he had intended. Both he and Quelseth were tired of healers poking and prodding only to come away puzzled. Every time they went in Quelseth came out unsettled and panicked, and it never failed to make him tetchy as well; unfortunately there was always the fear that something small would escalate into a dehabilitating sickness--the memory of the plague was always there, even if it was evident that Quelseth had never contracted it.

But T'lian didn't deserve his anger, and the weyrling frowned, backtracking almost immediately. "I'm sorry, but it's a touchy subject." S'cer was glad when T'lain suggested getting out of the rain, pleased for a change of subject. He glanced down at his muddy riding leathers and then to Khaduceth. "Er, my hut is closer and I wouldn't want to go to the Dining Hall in this mess. If you and Khaduceth don't mind, that is--it'd be faster flying, you wouldn't get as wet." He shrugged; rain didn't bother him in the slightest, and walking never hurt anyone, but he would let T'lian decide.


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Re: This Weather [T'lian]
« Reply #7 on: 23 Dec 2013 at 10:45 AM »
"I don't know anything about dragons," T'lian reminded S'cer, almost as sharp but lacking any harsh intent. Such things rolled right off of the healer, but he'd developed a habit of giving what he got. He smiled, almost smirked, and wiped a bit of his scraggly wet hair from his face. "I have no business tending to her anyhow." He didn't bother to tack a 'but I worry just the same' or an 'I wish her well' on there, figuring that it should be obvious enough.

The statement wasn't exactly accurate, though. He'd memorized everything he learned in his lessons and he'd tended to cuts and bruises on Larrikith any number of times, but that hardly qualified him to look after a sickly little mystery like Quelseth.

Oh, wait. In the middle of his wordy little daydream, he'd been invited to go somewhere. Khaduceth filled him in, smooth mindvoice filled with mellow humor. Oh T'lian replied lamely. He froze, staring into the raid and unmoving while he processed the choice at hand. He was undoubtedly overthinking it, which Khaduceth wasted no time pointing out.

Just go. I'll take you in a moment the dragon said gently. He knew that his bonded was accustomed to keeping only very few friends: B'jin and V'ler, and a couple others at various points in time, though they had all moved on. T'lian was usually pathetically clinging to someone, not receiving the invitation to socialize, at least from someone outside of his usual pair. T'lian liked S'cer and liked to think of him as a friend, but he'd never expected to be welcomed beyond casual interaction. Khaduceth thought it was a pleasant enough idea, though he'd have preferred someone more...worthy.

Eh, the greenrider would do.


My apologies. Whoops.

Tal scowled a little. He still had no poker face. He promptly looked to S'cer and gave a sudden nod. "Yes! I'd love to. Khaduceth will be over here in a moment, I think he's finishing his meal."

Re: This Weather [T'lian]
« Reply #8 on: 23 Dec 2013 at 06:20 PM »
If anything, S'cer was pleased that T'lian responded sharply back; he was even more weary of others' pity than he was of the healer business. Quelseth was surprisingly strong-willed and she wasn't happy necessarily that S'cer tended to panic over every little sickness; the little green was a fighter, though it was not evident by simply looking at her. They as a pair didn't need anyone's pity, and despite Quelseth's proneness for catching the slightest cold, they were managing to make it through their weyrling lessons well enough.

S'cer's stubbornness had often been cited as one of the most difficult obstacles when he had been forced to collaborate as a Journeyman with other Farmcrafters. It hadn't abated now; there were sharp edges to him that most didn't suspect. He watched T'lian's face as it shifted from slightly stunned to a scowl, and S'cer automatically assumed the worst--he didn't want to come. A retort was there on the tip of his tongue, jaw working as he clenched and unclenched his teeth, because S'cer just didn't invite anyone to his home. How rude of him!

But T'lian assented, and it left S'cer shocked. It surely showed on his face, the fleeting widening of his eyes, before he looked away, offended anger dissipating. The riding leathers were hot, almost unbearably so in the southern heat, and S'cer wanted nothing more than to have the opportunity to strip them off. Never mind the fact that they were streaked with mud, for it felt like he was over-heating, and he couldn't quite look at T'lian without feeling ashamed of himself, for being so stupid.

Perhaps all I do is push people away.

S'cer could feel Quelseth in his mind, the warm mothering comfort of her love for him, and some days it was almost too much. He knew that no matter what she said, there was a part of him that had been so severely damaged by his Stealing that S'cer doubted he could ever fully trust again, let alone maintain a friendship like a normal human. "Good," he managed after a moment, too gruff and horribly pathetic because of it, falling silent as he observed Khaduceth finishing off his meal.


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Re: This Weather [T'lian]
« Reply #9 on: 02 Feb 2014 at 04:37 PM »
T'lian never noticed the spark of anger in S'cer. He was too busy eyeing Khaduceth while the dragon finished up his meal and began a casual stroll in their direction. It was almost humorous to see such a lofty, dignified creature smeared in blood and the odd streak of mud. The weather hardly made for neat dining. To Khaduceth, however, it was a minor inconvenience. He would gladly endure a couple more hours of muddy, bloody, messiness if it meant his bonded might actually talk to another human like a normal human for a while! Even if it was just a greenrider. Besides, even an arrogant snot like Khaduceth had to admire Quelseth's refusal to give up.

I love you Khaduceth asserted as he lowered his snout to lightly bump T'lian. The young man wrapped his arms around the dragon's muzzle, not caring at all that he was inheriting a bit of a mess. He'd been covered in worse. "Love you, too," he said. Don't worry about carrying me. It's a short walk, and I can't get any wetter he said. He didn't want to leave S'cer behind in any case, and he doubted Khaduceth would enjoy being asked to function as a taxi service. He knew the beast would comply if asked, but T'lian didn't want to ask. There was also something mildly playful about the notion of walking in the rain, and he found himself weary of seriousness and somewhat endeared by the idea.

Khaduceth snorted playfully. Suit yourself he rumbled smoothly, his tone filled with lofty affection. He nosed T'lian one final time before taking off. T'lian watched him go, then grinned.

"If you can walk, I can walk. It would be good for me," he declared. He was still awfully scrawny, though weyrlinghood had done a good job of toning him up. He'd never be stocky, but it was nice to not be an utter weakling anymore!

"Besides," he said, eyeing the front of his shirt, which was not exactly sanitary anymore. "...I think I sort of need a bath." He laughed grimly and looked to S'cer, hoping his dark humor wasn't offputting to the other young man.

Re: This Weather [T'lian]
« Reply #10 on: 13 Feb 2014 at 04:06 PM »
S'cer calmly averted his eyes as T'lian threw his arms around Khaduceth's muzzle, uncomfortable at the sudden display of affection. He was demonstrative with Quelseth, but not to the extent of this--a pat or stroke was nearly all he felt comfortable doing in front of anyone. He knew how she felt about him, and she was well aware of his deep affection for her--they did not need to act it out for everyone in the weyr, as S'cer thought of it as private between the pair of them.

But he was glad that T'lian was coming with him, in any case. S'cer matched the healer's grin with a laugh, gesturing at his own muddy leathers. "You and me both, I'm afraid." The water barrel was mostly full, and S'cer had half a mind to just wipe off the worst of it and head to the bathing house later in the evening. "You can clean up at my hut, if you want. I'll lend you a tunic too--wouldn't do to have you running around covered in blood. Might induce some kind of panic." He smiled, pleased to have someone to joke with, even if S'cer's brand of humor was often sarcastic.

The walk back wasn't too far, as S'cer had promised. His hut was one of the furthest east as well as north, the proximity good for the hunting grounds but abysmally far from the Weyr proper. S'cer didn't mind, as he enjoyed his solitude, but he could only wonder what T'lian would think of his choice of a hut. He scrambled to think of the cleanliness of his hut, panicking, when Quelseth laughed, low and amused.

Everything is in order, S'cer. You don't have to fret. He could see her in her hollow, brightly green against the gloom, and smiled in relief as she talked him down.

And he was fretting, which was unusual for him. S'cer blushed before ducking inside to grab a bag of sweetsand and a few scraps of cloth to scrub with, dropping everything at T'lian's feet before rounding the side of the hut to fill the metal wash tub that hung on the side by the water barrel. "I don't want to dirty up everything," he offered as some sort of explanation as he brought the wash tub back and sat it on a small bench by the front door.

He couldn't quite look at T'lian as he worked at the fastening of his leathers, and instead turned to the business at hand. S'cer shed the heavy jacket without a second thought as well as the thin tunic beneath it and tossed both one end of the bench, shivering a little at the drizzle as it fell on bare skin, and scooped up a handful of sweetsand, scrubbing at his face and arms with methodical movements and rinsing the suds away just as calmly.

"How are things at the Healer Hall?" It was a vague attempt at small talk, but S'cer was willing to try it if it meant he could get T'lian talking. "No mishaps of late?"


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Re: This Weather [T'lian]
« Reply #11 on: 03 Mar 2014 at 06:39 PM »
"I'm sure nobody would panic," T'lian replied casually as he glanced over his newly-ruined clothes. He generally wore brown just so blood wouldn't be so visible, but it would be sort of hard to miss in his current state. As he looked over himself and realized just how wrong he was, he let out a gruff little laugh. "..But you're probably right regardless," he quickly amended, keen on making himself look as less-awkward as possible, and entirely aware of how unlikely that was.

As they neared the greenrider's hut, T'lian snorted in amusement and peeled his tunic off in preparation to wash up. He tossed the majority of his bloodied and muddy clothes aside, and he immediately felt awfully small. Weyrling training toned his thin form a bit, but it did little for his bulk. He was thin and stringy, and without his wet clothes he felt like he might wash away. It's not that bad his dragon commented warmly. You're elegant and handsome. You ought to proud of yourself.

I appreciate the kind words, but I don't think 'drowned canine' is a good look he replied.

The pair shared a moment of mutual humor before T'lian glanced back to S'cer. He smiled just a little and offered a slow, polite shrug. "It's been quiet. That's how it usually is around here, though...Small population, and a lot of people have at least some concept of first aid...So it sort of swings between 'slow' and 'panic'," he replied. Most of the time, his worthwhile workload was rather sparse. He liked to think of himself as a trauma specialist only, and all of the first aid missions, bumps and bruises, and minor lacerations were just busywork. He hated to be idle as much as ever, so he made sure to scratch up plenty of busywork in between those big cases. There were plenty of bumps and bruises to be had, but they weren't worth small talking about.

Small talk?  That's what this was, wasn't it? He'd never been very good at it, but he liked S'cer and was enjoying his company, so T'lian quite suddenly resolved not to screw it up. "Um...Had someone with a serious scalp laceration, though," he said. Bah! That had been months now, but it was the best he had to go on. He shrugged again and let out a nervous laugh before rinsing his hands off and splashing a bit of water on his face. He politely waited his turn for the sweetsand, though he was rather looking forward to feeling clean. Sharding dragon. 

Re: This Weather [T'lian]
« Reply #12 on: 10 Apr 2014 at 08:14 PM »
S'cer was not good at maintaining eye contact; the residual fear of irritating someone of higher rank was still there despite his Impressing, and would likely never be fully left behind. At least, he would blame his inability to give T'lian his undivided attention on that if pressed. He kept getting distracted by the graceful dip of T'lian's collarbone, or the movement of the healer's shoulders as he rinsed his hands, and upon catching himself looking, S'cer couldn't help but feel ashamed.

Frowning to himself, S'cer dragged a damp hand through his hair, nails digging into his scalp, and shook his head as if to clear it. It wasn't that he hadn't considered it--T'lian might not have been a prime example of a dragonrider, but S'cer revered him for his capabilities as a healer first and foremost. One didn't have to be a muscular man to be a healer, necessarily, and T'lian's fearsome intellect made up for whatever he lacked physically. S'cer was equal parts awed and jealous of T'lian's success as a Crafter for one so young, and together this resulted in a sort of hero worship that he would never, ever admit to.

You are ridiculous, S'cer, Quelseth commented rather matter-of-factly. He must like you as well, else he wouldn't be here.

S'cer flushed red to his ears, glad that Quelseth had spoken to him alone lest he die of embarrassment, and cleared his throat. "That sounds... bloody," he said, and shook his head. I am a crack-brained wherry! "Er, I imagine that required some stitching?" He passed over the sweetsand before darting a look at the open door to his hut. "I might have a shirt you could borrow. Might be a little too big for you, but at least you wouldn't be running around half-naked in this rain."

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Re: This Weather [T'lian]
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