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Birthdays and Daydreams [Rhaedalyn]
« on: 06 Nov 2013 at 09:41 PM »
Ravana smiled at Rhae as she knelt to fuss with Berani's hair and collar.  She had her doubts about leaving Berani with Rhaedalyn but they'd nothing to do with the weyrling's ability to watch her daughter. 

They had everything to do with the possibility of a surprise visit from Tsuen, or that rumour of Ravana's visiting Rhae would get back to Tsuen.  She didn't know if the demented weyrwoman knew that she was T'ken's foster mother.  She hadn't wanted to risk finding out and getting Rhaedalyn in trouble, but after catching Berani three times trying to sneak onto the hatching sands, she'd yielded and brought her to see her friend. 

The other source of her worry was Aradissicath.  Rumor was that the gold wasn't a friendly clutcher.  Ravana knew well that pregnancy tended to change a person's mood.  T'lian had explained that to her when she'd asked him why she'd been so weepy during her pregnancy with Berani.  She guessed the same went for dragons. 

However the gold had been given plenty of notice that they were coming, and Ravana had even coaxed Shanith into carrying a bribe to the gold for her goodwill.  Well she hesitated to use the word bribe, but...hopefully the herdbeast would be well recieved?

If she doesn't want it, I'll take it.  It's nice and fat!  I picked the very best one for her!  The green at least was cheerful.  Don't worry!  Aradissicath might grumble but she likes Berani and she won't hurt her.  The green wriggled, placing the herdbeast on the ground near Aradissicath.  Hi Aradissicath!  I bear gifts!  We thought you'd be hungry.  Ravana says moving around when you're close to clutching is difficult and sometimes hurts, so we thought we'd make it so you don't have to hunt.

Rhae had met them partway and Ravana spoke softly.  "I'll come back soon enough, I need to drop something off with Kahleena that'll hopefully make her and Okalinath happy.  Thank you for agreeing to watch her.  She really wanted to spend time with you." 

She stood, Berani taking off to hug Rhaedalyn, beaming widely up at her.  Bright brown eyes showed her joy and the child backed up after a moment.  Rhaedalyn had plainly become one of her favourite people.
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Re: Birthdays and Daydreams [Rhaedalyn]
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Aradissicath watched their visitors with a careful eye but her mood was calm. She liked the green pair and Rhaedalyn assured her only Berani would be visiting for any length of time so there wasn’t much to do in the way of entertaining or having to put up with any annoyances for too long. The herdbeast that was placed before her was eyed up as she inspected every inch of it without moving from where she did her best to sit regally. Unfortunately, doing much of anything that didn’t require laying around like a giant bump on a log was difficult.

Nodding, however, was still easily done and she did just that in acceptance of the gift. She preferred to do her own hunting like any grown dragon did but it also gave her a chance to watch the graceful bronzes hunt. It was so mystifying and soothing. Thank you, Shanith. That is kind of you. It was also a bribe but Rhaedalyn had beaten the green pair to that and promised more stories if she behaved.

“It’s not trouble at all! Berani is always a welcomed friend,” Rhaedalyn smiled brightly back at the girl she warmly greeted with open arms. The girl was so sweet and well behaved! She reminded Rhaedalyn how much she liked children and needed to try spending more time with some in the crèche. It was only the crying that was the hard part, though. She couldn’t stand the wailing and had no idea how to make a child stop once they had started. But when they were sweet, giggly, and having fun, then the young goldrider was happy to spend time with them.

“What would you like to do, Berani?” She knew the girl didn’t speak but she was still extremely expressive and after only a little time adjusting, Rhaedalyn felt she did a good job at interpreting what was desired. Besides, there wasn’t much that could be done on the Sands to begin with so she was confident in her guessing abilities.

Re: Birthdays and Daydreams [Rhaedalyn]
« Reply #2 on: 30 Nov 2013 at 10:02 AM »
Berani, Weyrbrat age 4

Berani was excited to see her friends!  Rhae and Aradissicath were amoung her favorite adults, and truthfully were only outranked by B'jin.  She didn't see Shanith croon happily at the nod, then back up before taking off so that noone would have sand or water blown all over them. 

She heard her mother talking, didn't hear the exact words, though gratitude in her tone told her that it was a thank you.  She saw her mother leave shortly after, grateful Rhae had hugged her back. 

When she had let go and Berani was looking up at her, she was asked what she would like to do.  The four year old thought a moment, then remembered what she had been reminded she wanted to do before playing. 

First though, she waved to Aradissicath.  She liked the greens that were so common around the weyr, but the golds were beautiful.  Someday, she'd have a gold of her own!  She didn't care that her mom had looked sad and worried when she had told her she wanted one, she would have a gold dragon of her own someday.  In the meantime, Aradissicath was the most wonderful gold there was!

Then she shyly tugged a book from the bag she carried.  She had worked with her mother on this for a few sevendays, her mother doing the writing and Berani the drawings.  The story was one of her favorites, about a man who had made himself ugly out of meanness, and about the woman who had taught him kindness and love, and in the end had made him beautiful again and saved him with her love. 

It was an old story, but it was one she often requested be told to her at night before bed and one she thought Rhaedalyn would like.  Ravana had let her choose the story for this.  Berani offered it to Rhae quietly, hoping the woman would like what was meant to be a birthday gift.  Ravana had even helped Berani write Rhaedalyn's name on the inside cover!

She kept working out what she would like to do.  Her mother had given her a bunch of tiny plush animals for her birthday and using them to play pretend was her favorite but it was hard to play pretend with others when you couldn't tell them what you were pretending.  She wasn't sure if Aradissicath could hear her think, though if she could she could play too!  Shanith couldn't always hear her think and she was her own mother's dragon.  She'd come up with an idea if her favorite game didn't work though.  Berani was good at going with the flow!

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Re: Birthdays and Daydreams [Rhaedalyn]
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