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Author Topic:  Weyrlinghood Schooling Change  (Read 294 times)

IC Date: 01.07.234 AL

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Weyrlinghood Schooling Change
« on: 17 Nov 2013 at 12:06 AM »
Second Pass - IC Announcement  

Attention: Candidates & Weyrlings

Following detailed discussion between the Weyrlingmasters, and the Weyrleader, it has been determined that Weyrling classes henceforth will occur on a fifteen-month calendar, as opposed to the traditional twenty-four months.[/an.input.bjin][an.input.bjin]As a result, the graduation ceremony for Krypth’s early 232 clutch will be shared by her Month 12, 232 clutch. Their graduation will occur on the 15th day of the seventh month, at sundown. Wing assignments will be placed upon the bulletin board at Weyrleader S’kef’s leisure.[/an.input.bjin][an.input.bjin]Weyrlingmaster G’rem has deemed his class (Krypth x Sasquith, 18.06.233 AL) will retain the twenty four month education for his own reasoning. All other classes will be taught as befitting the new roster.[/an.input.body.01][an.input.body.01]If you have any questions at all regarding the new education system, please bring your concerns to myself.[/an.input.body.01]

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