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Re: Quiet Celebrations [R'nd]
« Reply #25 on: 09 Apr 2014 at 01:23 AM »
R’nd wasn’t sure if it’d be crueler to tell T’bia which man he had in mind so he could fret about what he was like or to withhold the information so T’bia would wonder who it was. He knew his young friend would worry and overthink everything no matter which way he went and that made R’nd frown. He hadn’t meant to trap the boy in such a dilemma but he had anyway and that meant he’d have to find a way out of it or distract him.

The obvious answer was to go over and steal the greenrider for a minute to introduce a potential friend but after watching the greenriders laughing and drinking, R’nd started to think the introduction should happen on another day entirely. Besides, if he was off in his idea that they would get along, it would ruin T’bia’s night and R’nd really didn’t want to leave any sort of smudge on what should be a happy and perfect night to the new bluerider. Things should be remembered for the positive, not the negative. “I think you might be onto something with that statement. How about… I promise in the next few days when people can stand again to introduce you?”

He wrapped his arm around T’bia’s shoulder again and pulled the boy a bit closer to him, resting his head against the other bluerider’s. “And don’t you worry about dancing. There’s many styles and even when standing might be a challenge, you can still find a way to dance with someone.” R’nd had no qualms with B’jin being draped on him as they danced slowly or sensually. Even if the greenrider was more dragged around than moving in time, it would still be fun to R’nd and likely B’jin as well.

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Re: Quiet Celebrations [R'nd]
« Reply #26 on: 13 Apr 2014 at 11:40 AM »
R’nd’s suggestion that they wait until the other half of the introduction was sober once more was met with a dazzling, relieved smile and T’bia nodded once in consent. The little bluerider would have followed R’nd over to the rowdy looking greens if he had insisted, but the boy was visibly relieved that such was not being asked of him. Still smiling, T’bia picked at his plate some more, choosing a new treat to chew on.

T’bia giggled quietly to himself as R’nd tugged him closer and babbled about different styles of dancing, the teen’s mind going in rather obvious directions as he glanced towards his Weyrlingmaster, and then back up at R’nd. Giggling again, around a mouthful of cake, T’bia shook his head in amusement and leaned comfortably into R’nd. Looking around the gathering, T’bia picked a rider at random, and quietly rattled off his name, dragon and current rank before picking another one out. A game that had been played to help him learn his fellow weyrfolk.

When he spotted one he didn’t recognise, T’bia paused, frowning – before squeaking softly after R’nd had started to fill in the blank and waving a hand as he excitedly filled in the rest, expression bright.


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