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Dusty Palms [Open]
« on: 28 Nov 2013 at 07:57 PM »
Today was the same as every other day and every other day before that. She was in her fathers fields, knees solidly planted in the dirt and fists wrapped around clumps of weeds. Mud caked around her hands and arms and dirt smudged through her already dingy looking dress. But so far, it was turning out to be a fairly pleasant morning all things considering. Her father was still asleep for one, something she was especially grateful of. The drink made him quite rancid in the mornings and it was a pleasant change to have a few moments of silence while she did her morning chores. She hated mornings, but any morning like this was one to be treasured. By now, the first rays of sunshine had begun to peak over the horizon, and she had much more work to do before the rest of the family began to wake.

"Good morning!", her voice echoed cheerfully through the house. She had already placed a log upon the hearth and set the morning pot of Klah to boil well before venturing outside. And though her call came unanswered she already knew that her brother would be joining her momentarily. Dipping a mug into the cauldron, the rich aroma of the brew drifted up to greet her. Oh what what would she ever do without her daily dose of Klah, it was practically the only thing that got her up in the mornings. She didn't use to admire the taste, but once she began to help in the fields it quickly grew on her. After a long drought of the steaming liquid she was ready to tackle her work once more, now with much needed boost to her vigor.

A cloud of dust floated past her as she once again settled into her former position. She was hungry of course, but no one got to eat until the morning chores were done and father came to inspect them. She could already hear the tell tale banging of metal, signifying her brother had once again caused an avalanche in the tool shed. Oh father would be furious. But as much as she wanted to help him, she had her own chores to finish. And the twinge in her belly quickly erased any remnants of thought pertaining to the idea. Wiping the sweat from her brow she squinted off into the distance, wounding just exactly what they would be eating today. She of course would be cooking whatever father wanted her too. But as his whims changed almost daily, it was near impossible to predict anything about him at all.

When her hunger became too much to bare and her father continued to show no sign of waking, Kalesti had no choice but to revert to plan B. Dusting the dirt from her palms, she deftly patted the outside of her pockets, delighting at the faint weight of the marks she had so carefully slipped into her pockets this morning. It wasn't much, but it could at least buy her a meat roll or two. The thought of spending even a fraction of what little money she had sent a pang through her chest, but she was hungry and would not be kept waiting. Her brother unfortunately, would have to find his own breakfast. Kalesti hurried off towards the direction of the main hold at a brisk pace, not really realizing or caring how distasteful she looked from her morning excursions. Perhaps it would at the very least keep stray hands at bay.
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Re: Dusty Palms [Open]
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As far as Coralaese was concerned it was a perfect summer's day. The sun was warm against her skin and the scents of flowers, green grass, and freshly turned earth filled her nostrils. She loved summer walks. Sometimes they were took hot, but at the start of the season it was still just pleasantly warm. Her dress was a pale blue, with cream colored sleeves that reach just pas he elbows. She actually had managed to look presentable today rather that her usual eye sore of mixed matched colors. She couldn't claim much of the credit. A few of the female staff members had taken pity on her and insisted on helping her choose what to wear in the morning. Cora didn't mind, and was secretly glad not to have to make such decisions.

A quick walk before breakfast had stretched into the morning. A field of mares and their offspring held held her attention for some time. She'd watched the little ones race around their dams, and take turns chasing each other. They'd also done what they could to goad their placid dams into play, but the mares were more interested in grazing than play. Their antics did make Cora laugh out loud quite a few times. She was jealous of how simple their lives were. They didn't care about the future they only cares for that very moment.

Eventually her stomach began to groan and rumble. As she would have liked to stay she knew it was time to return to the hold. Breakfast was over, but she should be able to find something leftover in the kitchens or even buy something in the market as she passed through. Eating out in the fresh air and sunshine always seemed to make food taste better to her. Most would say it was all in her head and that food tasted the same no matter where it was eaten. Even if it was just in her head she still like enjoyed a meal outdoors.

A figure appeared before her as she walked along the road leading to the hold. Cora grinned, someone to share her walk with would of course make it even more enjoyable. She increased her pace, quickly closing the distance between herself and the other young woman. Her clothes and hands were dirt stained, likely from spending the morning working in a field. Cora didn't shy away from sight, in fact it made her curious as to what the other woman had been up to. Likely something far more useful than watching frolicking foals.

"Good morning! Mind if I join you? You look to be heading to the hold and I always think a walk is much more enjoyable with someone to share it with." She greeted the woman with a cheerful barrage. "I'm Coralaese." She said, with a friendly smile. The woman seemed around the same age as her, though that was about where the similarities ended. Cora's open and friendly expression spoke of a life vastly different from that of the other woman. There was no pity in her tone or gaze. Instead there was a genuine warmth and respect. Cora wasn't a minor lord's daughter talking to someone from the fields, but just one young woman talking to another.


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