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Fooling Around. [Faredin and Open.]
« on: 02 Dec 2013 at 03:22 PM »
Zelina had just fed Amy, who was now curled up asleep in her pocket, and now she was looking for some fun. She went to the Gather Square, looking for anyone remotely near her age to find something to do, maybe a game, or maybe simply some mild trouble to get into such that young children often find themselves in. Her bright brown eyes scanned the square for anyone looking of interest that she might have tag along with her as she tried to find something to do. Surely something as fun as hiding and scaring an unsuspecting passerby would be entertaining with some company. Though in honesty, Zelina would be content with something far more tame than this wild idea that only briefly passed through her mind. It wouldn't do to be attacked by someone so scared.

She just didn't know what she could do today with who. A thought came to her that it might be fun to learn some of the tricks that firelizards could be trained to do. Firelizards were now her second most keen interest since she had found Amy. She had seen many of course having lived all her life at the weyr, but she hadn't really paid attention to them, taking them for granted much as the wildlife in the area. Sure, they were miniature dragons in her eyes and she adored dragons, but she would have much preferred impressing one of the dragons, after all, the firelizards were not nearly as impressive or personal or intelligent, or even awesome. As she thought this thought, absentmindedly she had raised her fingers counting each of the reasons. Then she grinned goofily as she realized that she didn't mind these shortcomings anymore as she could still possibly impress a dragon too.

She shook herself from her thoughts and resumed her search, a mischievous grin on her face as she now had somewhat of an idea of what she wanted to do.

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Re: Fooling Around. [Faredin and Open.]
« Reply #1 on: 03 Dec 2013 at 10:01 PM »
Faredin didn't often find himself with nothing to do. He had a mother who didn't believe in an excuse for idle hands and lived in a place where there was always work to be done. And if there weren't any tasks available, he had a built in playmate in his younger brother.

Only sometimes that got boring too, and they'd have to go off to find their own entertainment. That search had brought him to the Gather square today, idly stroking Bo's head as he looked around for someone his own age. But there was an idea. If he couldn't find anyone, he could always kill some time trying to train the brown again. Bo wasn't a badly behaved firelizard, but he didn't always respond to the usual bribes. But Faredin wasn't about to give up. It had just turned into a (very) long term project.

Bo's chirp of greeting distracted Faredin from his thoughts enough to notice the girl also prowling the grounds. "Hi, Zelina." The boy waved as he got closer. He was a bit on the fence about girls these days; those his age were mostly starting to get all weird- more girl-like than friend-like. Zelina had always been a good sort, though.

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Re: Fooling Around. [Faredin and Open.]
« Reply #2 on: 05 Dec 2013 at 03:47 PM »
Zelina looked up hearing her name, and smiled. It was Faredin, someone she knew from the creche`, and he had his firelizard with him. She waved, and walked closer, replying as she crossed the small distance. "Hello, Faredin." Then when she was at her destination, she added, "Are you busy right now? I'm bored." Zelina was happy that she had run into him. He was a bit younger than her, but he was mature beyond his turns, and Zelina thought that he was good company.

In her pocked, Amy stirred in her sleep, seemingly trying to press deeper into the pocket that she was curled up in, and Zelina smiled anew. Amy was just so cute. Almost reflexively, she put her hand over the pocked to sooth the sleeping baby. To give her warmth and comfort. She even briefly wondered what the baby was dreaming about to have caused her to stir, for she didn't feel any emotions coming from the little green other than the feel of slumber.

A small gust of a breeze blew about the same time as her hand went to cover her pocket, blowing her short hair into her face and causing her free hand to rise automatically to free her eyes from the short strands. It wasn't an all too unpleasant breeze, though a little on the cool side. As she finally freed her eyes when the breeze had passed, she smiled to Faredin, her eyes bright as she laughed about the fact that she had been momentarily blinded by her own hair.


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