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Things as they are [Open]
« on: 20 Dec 2013 at 01:55 AM »
Today hadn't been progressing as nicely as Firah had hoped it would, in fact it was leading him down a path that held little but disappointment. Flexing his hands to keep them warm as he stretched out his neck, the Beastcrafter reflected on the events that had happened during and since the landslide. It had perhaps been for the best that he hadn't Impressed in the hatching, if he had he might not have woken up when the rumbling started. He could have even ended up in one of the huts that had been obliterated by the slide. Truly it had been an awesome force of destruction. Watching as he had, Firah was sure the fear he had felt hadn't been fabricated, that it had been a deeply primal response to the natural based destruction. His life revolved around nature and it was times like that where he was reminded just how deadly the wild can be. When the mudslide had stopped, Firah had been one of the first people to assist in the rescue process. He remembered pulling out at least a handfull of people, most of which were so deeply in shock that they couldn't tell him if they had been injured. He had to carry one of the men for they quickly found out he'd broken a leg and was unable to walk.

Firah shuddered. The faces of the people they'd saved had been a mix of joy, confusion, and eventually despair. It was not an ordeal that he wanted to go through again. Touching the side of his lip, the Hunter proceeded to breathe warmth back into his cold fingers. The upside, if there could be one in the wake of such disaster, was that the Weyrleaders had announced that they would be returning to the North. Even if the North completely rejected them, exiled them, or what have you, perhaps he could still escape. As long as he wasn't recognized as being in league with these people he should be fine no matter what happened to them. All he wanted to do was return to his old life. He wanted to hold his child, sleep next to his wife, and spent some quiet nights out in the Nabol woods. While Firah was bitter still about being kidnapped he held no true hatred toward the Rider who took him and the Weyr that sanctioned the stealing. Living with them for a few Turns had convinced him that while they were strict and demanding, they just wanted to keep the Dragonkind alive.

Shaking himself from his dreaming with a quick full body wiggle, Firah retrieved an arrow from his quiver. He had gotten up early to go hunting and had quickly been able to pick up a trail but unfortunately he wasn't able to locate the animal before it left the safety of the new Weyr's territory. While he prided himself as a Huntsman he'd forced himself to stay with in a certain radius of the Weyr for safety reasons if he was hunting solo. Coming back practically empty handed (he managed to snag a few small wherries and a treehopper in his traps) had put the Crafter in a bad mood. Knocking an arrow and lifting his bow, Firah took a second to aim before firing at his makeshift target. He fired three more, all four of them clustering neatly together in the middle. There was a little time before he had to go check on some of his duties and Firah was intent on relieving at least some of his stress.

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Re: Things as they are [Open]
« Reply #1 on: 25 Dec 2013 at 06:10 PM »
Weyrbrat Diolon

Diolon hadn't quite been himself since the landslide. The happy, chatty boy had disappeared in favor of a more subdued, watchful young man who couldn't take the world around him for granted anymore. People he knew had died, his rock of a brother was looking more shaken that Diolon had ever known, and the boy wasn't sure how to handle it. So in the manner of the young, he'd gone looking for distractions. If he ignored the changes enough, his world would eventually get back to normal.

Today's distraction was one of the Stolen candidates. Sometimes, a 'brat had to be careful about them, 'cause they were so angry they'd take it out on anybody. But Diolon knew most of them by now, and this guy wasn't on the list. Diolon had never been one to let a little danger bother him was something interested him either, and the man's target practice enthralled him. He did his part for the Weyr and went out on gathering parties with the other 'brats, but no one had trusted him with a bow yet.

He bet he'd be good at it, too- the best hunter the Weyr'd ever seen. He just needed someone to show him how.

"Wow!" The boy blurted out from behind Firah, blue eyes shining with excitement. "How'd you learn to do that? Can you teach me? I promise I'd listen, and do everything you tell me to." Well, he'd try to, anyway.

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Re: Things as they are [Open]
« Reply #2 on: 28 Dec 2013 at 12:06 AM »
Despite knowing that someone was there it still startled him when the watcher suddenly blurted out a string of questions and requests. He twitched visibly before turning around to face the speaker. Firah lowered his bow as he inspected the boy. He was what, ten turns old give or take a turn? He was tempted to completely ignore the boy as he really didn't have to interact with every person who stumbled into his vacinity, but ultimately the boy was more likely to continue to ask him questions either way. Wasn't that how kids were? He didn't know, he hadn't had the chance to find out before he was whisked off to the Southern Continent. "I learned from an Archery instructor, and why don't you ask your parents to get someone to teach you if you're interested?" Honestly he had probably been around the kid's age when he had first picked up the bow, but he wasn't about to teach some random kid to wield a weapon without some sort of parental permission of some sort.

"Aren't you supposed to be doing chores or something? Its the middle of the day, you've got to be skipping out on something kid." There was always something to do for a Weyrbrat, especially now that they had begun constructing the new Weyr. He wasn't about to rat the kid out but he didn't want to get in trouble if the boy was supposed to be doing something important. He glanced at the boy before retrieving his arrows from the target, checking each one for damage before sliding it back into his quiver. Trying to ignore the kid's presence as he shot a few more times Firah finally sighed. " Alright I changed my mind. If you can get your Ma or Da's permission I'll give you a lesson. But don't think this is going to be an every day thing okay? I got a job to do and you probably got yours."

If archery hadn't been one of his two passions the Beastcrafter might not have even considered teaching the boy at all. But turning down a kid who looked relatively excited about shooting nagged at him. Conflicted as he was, he wouldn't take back what he'd already promised. With any luck the boy would try archery and realize it wasn't for him, which would save Firah all the trouble that came from being a teacher.   

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Re: Things as they are [Open]
« Reply #3 on: 01 Jan 2014 at 11:03 AM »
Diolon gave Firah's first suggestion that he get his parents to find him an instructor all the attention it deserved: none. Like most rider fathers, T'rel wasn't exactly a strong figure in his life and his mother would expect him to find his own teacher. She wasn't there to hold his hand and if he couldn't be bothered to get something on his own, he obviously didn't want it badly enough and he should pursue something else instead.

Firah's mention of chores brought a sullen glare. What was it his concern if Diolon was skipping out on anything? A weyrbrat knew how to do his part, learned it growing up here along with things like letters and numbers, and it pricked his pride that the man would say otherwise. And as a matter of fact, he'd finished his chores for the moment. He was allowed to take a break as much as anyone else.

"I know how to do my work! I don't shirk," much, "ask anybody!" Diolon protested, but the effect was probably lost in the beaming grin he directed at Firah. He was a bit confused at the man's insistence he get his mother's permission, but maybe it was a holder thing? "Thanks! Ma won't care- she likes things that keep me out of trouble. Just let me know when to show up and I'll be there." Even if he trade to trade chores with someone.

Diolon hesitated, trying to decide whether to push his luck. But it was his brother who'd gotten all the caution in the family, so he went ahead and asked. "Is there anything you could teach me now? Quick-like? Beginner's stuff?" Diolon fairly vibrated with curiosity and suppressed enthusiasm- his family would've been impressed that something could have gotten him to practice so much self-restraint.

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Re: Things as they are [Open]
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