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Now, This Is Fun [Ameris]
« on: 03 Jan 2014 at 06:11 PM »
Are you certain you should be doing that?

S'cer rolled his eyes, turning his head to shoot the green a dirty look. I broke a few ribs--I'm not exactly dying here. The gash down his calf would scar, and the knock on the head had concussed him, but he was beginning to feel well enough that the constant resting was getting to him. And Quelseth, though she meant well, was mothering to an extreme; S'cer just didn't have the heart to tell her to stop it.

She huffed and resettled herself, tucking her tail neatly to her side, causing Edik to screech as she jostled him from a nap. The brown was even more keen to not leave Quelseth now, not even to go on shiny-hunting escapades, as he had claimed her as his the moment he had met her.

You know what the healers said, though. You shouldn't over-exert yourself.

Tell that to T'lian--he's the one who over-exerts himself. If his tone was sharp, it was only because S'cer was tired of fending off her advances; the Healer was rumored to have been running himself ragged caring for the sick and injured, as he should have been. The toss of Quelseth's head--a sure sign of a tantrum coming on--didn't dissuade S'cer at all. He was stubborn and he was bored as well, both of which combined in a deadly combination.

I am perfectly capable of mending a pair of damn pants, Quelseth. I'm not even moving that much! And besides, the last thing I want is this borrowed pair of pants to slide right off just because they're too large!

There was no reply, only the stony silence of her pouting, and S'cer sighed, scrubbing a hand over his face. The healing tents were packed, and he had moved out to an empty tent that had been pitched near the planned Weyrfolk housing as a result. He was improving every day, but not fast enough for his liking; perhaps in a few more weeks he would be allowed to assist in the rebuilding, but not now. At least the weather was slightly more temperate, he thought, staring out at the commotion with a wistful look.

Still, he was grateful for the ability to create a sunshade out of his open tent flap; it made a good vantage point for the rebuilding, as well as allowing him to keep an eye on Quelseth, who had made herself a hollow not too far from his tent. To have a sunburn on top of broken ribs? Not anything that S'cer was interested in at all.
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Re: Now, This Is Fun [Ameris]
« Reply #1 on: 05 Jan 2014 at 11:36 PM »
She moped. It was the only word that could be used for what she was doing. She rarely left the confines of her tent and then only to fetch something to eat or collect Rislan from her father. Her normally bright complexion was pale and drawn. Her nightmares had begun to wane, speaking with R'nya had helped but she just couldn't bring herself to enjoy the awakening of the sun. The vision of B'ker's death mask didn't haunt her every waking hour, her mind had stopped playing tricks on her and she'd started to take pleasure in the little things again. Thats not to say that there weren't bouts of tears or nightmares because they were there, dim as they were, one could not come through one of the largest disasters of one's life without something.

You need to come outside. Enjoy the sunshine with me, Mizeath commented from outside.

Nodding, Ameris stood from her chair with every intention of leaving her tent. The idea was there beckoning but it would be ineffectual. She turned to her possessions. She had little seeds packed away. She couldn't remember if she'd brought them with her when they'd come to the little tent camp. She rummaged through her belongings. I've just got to make sure that the packet of seeds are here, Mizeath and then I'll be along, she replied and heard Mizeath sigh in exasperation from her wallow. She ran her hand along the inside of a small box she was certain held the package she was looking for. Instead her hand encountered something sharp enough to cause a small cut.

Hissing she grabbed the object and brought it out. Changing hands she brought the cut finger to her mouth. Looking quite childish with her injured finger in her mouth, Ameris studied the object. A shell shard. Sickly green and still quite sharp around the edges. It was certainly not Mizeath's. One of the greens from that double clutch? Had to be. Why else would she even have it?

Eyes brightened when she remembered just who the shard belonged to. That darling, Quelseth! I can't believe I never gave S'cer this shard, Mizeath, she told the dragon with a shake of her head. You have been quite busy these last few months, my dear. It is all perfectly understandable. But now you have found it so now you can give it to him, Mizeath told her with certainty, I am positive he will be thankful. Come, we will take it to him. Well.. I.. Just.. she stuttered. Now

Ameris sighed at the tone of her dragon's voice. That voice was one Mizeath did not expect an argument with and generally there wasn't one. She glanced in the mirror and grimace. She looked a fright. Raking fingers through her hair she attempted to tame the mess. With a nod with slipped the shard into a pocket and made her way out of the tent. "I'm not even certain he will be at his tent," she said, "what if he's not there?" Then we will come back another time. Really, Ameris, your excuses are wearing quite thin, Mizeath said and was rewarded for her condor when Ameris stuck her tongue out at her. That is better

A passing person pointed her in the right direction as she made her way about the tents. Mizeath walked along behind her easily. Most of the tents had been arranged to accommodate the dragons in Katila so there was no difficulty for her to get around. Ameris' steps slowed as she caught sight of the little green basking in her wallow. What if S'cer was horribly injured? What if they were sick? What ifs are not the way to live your life, Ameris. Go along and give S'cer his shard. I will be here with you, the gold murmured quietly. Steeling herself Ameris made her closer to the tent and the man sitting. Mending something it looked like. "S'cer?" she called, "You're not busy are you? I can come back another time if you'd prefer."

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Re: Now, This Is Fun [Ameris]
« Reply #2 on: 08 Jan 2014 at 03:12 PM »
S'cer frowned down at the trousers than lay in his lap; they were brown and faded, patched in the knees, but they were all he had. He worked methodically, like he did with most things, stitching the seam back together. He had tried his hardest to not think about the landslide, to think about R'hai and the horrible fact that Quelseth had witnessed it. He hoped that she would forget, and he would try his hardest to forget as well; the hope of returning home was finally being realized, and he tried to think about that, about his brothers and parents. Were they married with children of their own? What would they think when he appeared back from the dead?

He was a realist by nature, but S'cer had never stopped being hopeful about going home. He had thought that everything would end when he Impressed, but life had gone on. If anything, he was grateful for Quelseth--how could he resent her for needing him? He wasn't entirely selfish, and all it had taken was one look at her, pitiful and weak, and that was all. But he still longed for home, for the security it meant, even if it was uncertain if any of his family were alive. Farming was enough to break a man, and no one in his family tended to live very long due to the long hours of toil trying to scratch out a living.

He tried not to think about that, about death, afraid that it would frighten Quelseth. As usual, he thought of her first with little thought for himself.

Quelseth snorted, quietly, at that thought but otherwise didn't say anything. She was still sulking, unhappy about being yelled at. Sometimes it was so difficult, to be angry with her, but he was a grown man. He knew what he could and couldn't do!

There was a second, prissier snort, and S'cer's eyes narrowed in suspicion. "Are you laughing at me?"

Mizeath and Ameris are approaching!

At least they'll get her mind off of being angry at me, S'cer thought, a rueful smile settling in place. He didn't like it when Quelseth was angry; it did make him feel like a crack-brained wherry, most days.

The tiny green got up, flaring her wings out and then settling them again, tail wrapping daintily around her front forepaws. For her diminutive size, Quelseth was exquisitely proportioned, with a graceful bearing. She regarded Mizeath with a look of shy curiosity; though they were in the same weyrling class, the green was rather shy and hesitant to speak with others, especially with a gold. What if Mizeath thought she wasn't worth her time?

She would do well to have you as a friend, Quelseth, S'cer chided, tossing a fond smile Quelseth's way.

"Do I look especially busy?" He shot a longing look in the direction of the construction before grinning up at the goldrider. S'cer had never been the sort to sit around and do absolutely nothing, and would never be one to take leisure time well. He sat the sewing aside, moving aside on the tattered blanket he had spread out on the ground. "Sit, please. To what do I owe the pleasure?"

His appraisal was frank, but not unkind. S'cer was notoriously blunt, and saw little use for small talk and other niceties. It wasn't often that a goldrider appeared at his tent, and he was curious.

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Re: Now, This Is Fun [Ameris]
« Reply #3 on: 16 Jan 2014 at 01:31 AM »
Ameris couldn't help but grin back at the greenrider as he shot a look at the construction going on not to far from them. Her cheeks ran red with blush at his answer. Obviously he wasn't particularly busy about she'd interrupted what ever it was that he had been doing. Her mouth opened on an apology as she started to turn just as he told her to sit. Should she? Could she let go of her thoughts of self pity for just a moment to sit with S'cer and enjoy the day?

You will be polite and sit with him, Ameris, Mizeath demanded.

Ameris shot a heated glare at the gold as she huffed and dropped to the blanket. She took the shard out of her pocket and rolled it between her hands and looked at S'cer from the corner of her eye. He'd been injured, she knew, but she didn't know how or where. "Are you well?" she asked softly, "Not too injured?" She'd come away remarkably unhurt during the entire mess. A'mad and Rislan as well though it was a surprise her father hadn't broken his neck with the level of his drunkenness.

Mizeath moved quietly and demurely as she gazed with amusement at the tiny green before her. She remember Quelseth through Ameris' memories and the sickly little green from her clutch had turned into a lovely little creature. It amused Mizeath in a rather impolite manner that Quelseth was so very much smaller than she was. Her amusement turned into a comforting rumble as she realized that Quelseth was painfully shy in her presence. She settled herself beside the green, legs akimbo and tail stretched as far as she could with its tip tapping against a tent behind them. Please, Quelseth, lay with me and chat. There's no need to be shy. The sun is shining and the day is warm, she crooned to the timid green.

Re: Now, This Is Fun [Ameris]
« Reply #4 on: 20 Jan 2014 at 05:43 AM »
Look at the size of her! The green was impressed (and somewhat intimidated) by the sheer size of Mizeath, as well as amused that she sprawled when she laid down. Despite her quiet nature, Quelseth's eyes whirled a myriad of blue and green--her anger at S'cer was entirely forgotten, replaced by her fascination with her clutchmate. How long do you suppose it takes for Ameris to clean her?

S'cer couldn't hide his smile; of course she would ask a question like that! He had grown accustomed to the green's dreamy observation of life around her, but every so often she managed to surprise him with an off-the-wall question. "I'm well enough," he said, lifting a shoulder in a vague shrug. "Broken ribs and a concussion, as well as a gash on the calf that'll scar. It could have been much worse."

Quelseth was put more at ease by Mizeath's lazy sprawl, and she allowed herself to relax as well, relaxing her muscles. Your hide is very pretty, Mizeath. It looks like gold, sort of like wheat when it's ripe--or at least that's what S'cer says. He used to work with wheat... Afraid that she was chattering too much, or that she was being boring, Quelseth faded off and looked away,  pretending to be very interested in a nearby tent, embarrassed.

"Are you well?" S'cer wasn't used to niceties, but he knew it was polite to ask after Ameris' health if she asked after his. "Despite all this talk of going North, I still hardly believe it." A small, bitter smile was playing at the corners of his mouth, and S'cer cleared his throat to get rid of it. "It will be nice to have normal weather. It's far too hot here!"

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Re: Now, This Is Fun [Ameris]
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Mizeath purred at the complement. She was a polite and lady like dragon and would never go out of her way to dig for a complement but what could she do but accept one when it was forthcoming? I thank you, Quelseth! I am not certain what wheat is but if you say the color is lovely than I shall believe you, she told the green. She liked this little one already and her eyes whirled a contented blue as she sprawled next to Quelseth. The little green was so sweet and Mizeath would allow Quelseth to come to herself before delving on with the conversation. It just wouldn't do to dig at the embarrassed green for want of conversation! Mizeath resisted the urge to roll about on her side and instead regarded Quelseth with a patient expression. She could wait.

Ameris shrugged at his question, "Well enough I suppose." She gave a start when she realized it was quite true. She was well when she got down to it. She hadn't expected that. She rolled the shell about her hands. She needed to give it to him but as soon as she did their conversation would be over and Ameris - well Mizeath to be sure - was determined to become more social, to stop hiding away. She would hang onto it for a while longer.

She grimaced, the motion contorting her face, at his comment about the north. She didn't want to go north. She had no desire to upend her and Mizeath's life, Rislan's life! She liked the south just fine and wanted to stay just where she was. Granted the south had more dangers than the north and it was proven during the wet and wild night of death but the pros of living south were much more in the forefront of her mind. The sun, the warmth, the plants! She couldn't just leave those things behind on the off chance that the north would be just as nice. Her memory of her childhood in the north was sketchy at best. The plague she remembered and the flight south but of her memories none of the north stood out.

"I don't want to go north. I like the south just fine," she said, her words petulant and childish, "I don't see whats so wrong with the south." Ameris… Mizeath warned. A childish tantrum within her own tent was one thing but a public display of rage was entirely to improper for the gold to let slide. Mizeath… the woman mocked. The dragon snorted in response and took to ignoring the improper actions of her rider. "My father's excited about it. Hasn't stopped speaking of the things we'll see when we get there.. If we get there."

Re: Now, This Is Fun [Ameris]
« Reply #6 on: 26 Jan 2014 at 02:33 PM »
Mizeath's praise was enough for Quelseth to unwind just a little. She relaxed slightly, enough to recline next to the gold, though Quelseth did not sprawl. Extending her tail and letting her head rest on her forepaws, the small green turned her attention to the blue sky overhead. She was known to daydream, and clouds were just so interesting! They came in so many shapes and sizes, as well as different colors. It's nice to see clouds that aren't so grey! I'd almost forgot that anything other than rain existed. Rain was fine, but not a whole month of it!

S'cer's eyes snapped to Ameris' face, staring, face shuttering off out of habit. He'd learned that it was better not to show emotion in the south, that trying to emulate all the others who were happy with change was better. It caused less strife, and kept him away from drawing the attention of the higher-ups. But he couldn't fake it, not really, and that had been why S'cer had felt the need to distance himself from everyone--there was less of a chance to slip up, as well as reducing the need to become reliant on anyone.

And now he had Quelseth, and she was all she needed. She filled the empty parts of him, softened the rough parts--he was better because of her. He had never wanted to Impress, but they needed one another, him more so than her despite her sickliness. And despite the fact that S'cer clung to this belief with every fiber of his being, that she was all he needed, there was a small, small part of him that was disappointed. He liked Ameris, had liked Ameris, and now she was shaping up to be like the rest of the Southerners--hateful and cruel. It was better to keep everyone at a distance so as not to get hurt, he reminded himself, the old bitterness welling up like an open wound.

S'cer... The green's head perked up, eyes whirling a discontented greenish-yellow, as she tried to warn him off. She liked Mizeath, and if S'cer drove Ameris away, who else would she have to be friends with? Khaduceth was intimidating, even if she knew S'cer was fond of T'lian, and females were generally easier to be around for her.

But it was too late; S'cer had already opened his mouth, tone cold and icy--a far cry from his earlier good spirits--face pinched with bitter anger. "I'm sure it's hard for you to understand. Southerners don't tend to recognize the gravity of the situation, having been born or willingly brought here. You didn't have your entire life stolen away from you."

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Re: Now, This Is Fun [Ameris]
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She was taken aback by the sudden chill in his tone and very nearly stuffed the shard in his hand to stomp off. But his words broke through the childish display and she blushed slightly when she realized she had forgotten that S'cer had not been brought south by his own free will. She couldn't believe how she had forgotten something she had been so against from the very beginning. She was suitably brought low and Ameris decided that she disliked the feeling. It wasn't often she let her feelings on any matter become so very verbal and she felt horrible for doing so now.

"I apologize, S'cer," she began, fingers trembling around the shard. She rarely apologized for things she did but the tone of her own words rattled around her mind and she knew that Mizeath was right. She was being ridiculous and shallow. She might have ruined a friendship before it began with her childish reaction to his question. But because of his past, couldn't he understand that she felt the same way by being forced north? "I shouldn't have said what I did," she ended lamely.

She'd been in the south for so long that she didn't know the north. She didn't understand it and she clearly didn't want to. How could she uproot her son and her dragon from the only place they'd known in their short live?! It matters not to me where we go Ameris, and I have explained it to you more than once, the dragon recalled to her rider quietly, Rislan is much to young for it to bother him any and I will go where you go and be happy for it. Ameris sighed at the words but she couldn't change her thinking on the matter. Too much change too soon had the woman reeling with it all.

She glanced at his angry face and almost thought better of her next words. But she had to make him understand that she felt the same way about going north as he did about being brought south! "I'm sorry for what was done to you, I didn't agree with Tsuen and D'ren when they decided the matter and I still don't but this," she said with a wave of her hand towards the land before them, "This is all I know! I was only a child when I came here. Not much older than my own son. I don't know anything else and maybe it scares me." Now where did that come from?!

Mizeath crooned to the little green next to her, her tone meant to sooth and reassure, as she gave Quelseth's shoulder a light nuzzle. They are much like children in this it would seem. Spoiled and ill mannered! The last was said as a light hearted joke and inclusive to the riders as well, one Mizeath hoped would lighten the mood and make those two hard headed humans see that their actions were far from adult!

Re: Now, This Is Fun [Ameris]
« Reply #8 on: 18 Feb 2014 at 10:57 AM »
There was a brief flare of triumph as she apologized first, but whatever pride S'cer had felt were quickly dashed as Ameris apologized again, this time for his own Stealing. He had hoped to feel more... pleased by it, but it only made him feel wretched. She hadn't had anything to do with the decision to Steal candidates, and S'cer knew it--her apology rang sincere, and the greenrider felt nauseous with guilt as she continued, looking away so as not to look at her.

Now look what you've done! Now they're going to leave.

S'cer couldn't even argue with the green; he knew she was right as well. Heaving a sigh, he shook his head, flapping a hand in dismissal. "Don't apologize to me; I know you didn't have anything to do with it. It was... rude of me to accuse you." He looked away, gathering his composure and willing his stomach to quit roiling, before whispering, "We're too much alike, I think. Afraid and lashing out because of it." He had never admitted he was afraid, that he was terrified truthfully, of what they might find if they went north, and felt extremely vulnerable because of it.

I'm proud of you, and I love you.

I love you too, more than anything.

S'cer stiffened, unused to hearing any voice in his head other than Quelseth's, before he shook his head as if to clear it and laughed. "See, even Mizeath wants us to let bygones be bygones. Who am I to disobey a gold, hm?" He offered his hand to Ameris, a hesitant smile on his face, as a token of goodwill, hoping desperately that she would take it so they could put their argument behind them.

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Re: Now, This Is Fun [Ameris]
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She listened to him talked with small nods of her head. She didn't know S'cer well but she had a feeling that it took a lot for him to admit the same thing that she herself was loathe to admit. She hated being afraid. Hated the helpless feeling it gave her and she most certainly hated the pity that the fear often colored the faces of those around her. Even her ridiculous father looked at her with sympathy when she'd awaken from a nightmare or cry on Mizeath's shoulder at the thought of going north. That perhaps was the worst. She didn't want the pity of that drunken fool! How she would like to knock the pity of his face, but she couldn't. Sometimes the expectations of a goldrider hampered the childish wants Ameris entertained.

"It's not easy being afraid," she said in agreement, "and we are more alike than I thought." She really hadn't thought of it that way until S'cer mentioned it and reflecting on it she found he was correct. Now if they could just stop lashing out at each other.

Mizeath rumbled with amused pleasure when S'cer stuck his hand out for Ameris to take. It was the words more than the action that caused it. She would never admit it out loud to anyone not even her rider, but the deference he gave her on account of her color gave her confidence in herself a definite boost. Still rumbling she said to Quelseth, You see? Sometimes all it takes is a few stern words and everyone remembers their manners!

Ameris answered S'cer's smile with one of her own. Unable to argue his words and filled with as much amusement as Mizeath at their actions she took the offered hand in one of her own, "Well met, S'cer!" She chuckled lightly before continuing, "Be careful or you'll give Mizeath a swelled head." Her chuckle deepened at the disgruntled harrumph that came from the gold.

Re: Now, This Is Fun [Ameris]
« Reply #10 on: 10 Apr 2014 at 01:48 AM »
It seemed that the tension between them had evaporated; at Ameris' smile, S'cer cracked a shy smile himself. He wasn't good at making friends, and was even worse at keeping them; partially this was because S'cer was far too stubborn for his own good. He shot Mizeath a curious look when she began to rumble, uncertain as to what it meant.

Quelseth pressed in slightly closer to her clutchmate, pleased to have done something right. S'cer is a reasonable man when he wishes to be. The green purposely broadcast that to both her rider and the gold, and S'cer flushed a bright red.

I'm fairly reasonable!

Quelseth's amusement bled into his head, and S'cer smiled all too fondly. At Ameris' hand in his, he shook it firmly with a marked sincerity. He had no desire to argue with her anymore, and the fond grin slipped away, replaced with an uncertain look. What were they supposed to discuss now that the conversation had almost been derailed entirely? Why was Ameris even here? They knew one another from weyrling training, but they were not close friends. "Why did you come to see me, exactly? I'm assuming you had a reason," S'cer said, before lamely tacking on, "Er, not that you need a reason. I'm glad you're here, but I'm confused?" He was utterly horrid at being friendly!

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Re: Now, This Is Fun [Ameris]
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