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Lakeside Manners [T'drin]
« on: 20 Jan 2014 at 11:43 PM »
Kiamyn swam up to the shore, and wiped the water from her eyes. Her hands were beginning to prune in excess and her body was starting to shiver. It was slightly breezy today and chilly for spring, but she was drawn to the lake anyway. A swim seemed like a good way to wash out her troubles and the hour long hike was not terribly far. Well that... and no one is here Kia admitted to herself.

It proved true, too, for when she arrived the beach of the lake was pristine and empty. Kia breathed in a deep sigh then dried herself off and dressed.

"It's so quiet here." The thought brought the shadow of her old self back, feeling slightly lonely and sad, but then she smiled thinking to push it back. "No no... that's good. No one to ask me how i'm doing, or any crackdust thing they come up with to keep me from killing myself. Why, by Faranth's Egg, would I do that?" Kia huffed, her anger spiking up.

She knelt down and picked up a stick drawing doodles in the semi-dirt/semi-mud. It was better this way, quiet, without everyone bothering her. A particularly cold breeze blew across her wet hair and sent shivers down her spine, breaking her concentration. "Shit. I didn't know it was that late." Evening was beginning to glow around the edges of the sky.
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Re: Lakeside Manners [T'drin]
« Reply #1 on: 21 Jan 2014 at 09:07 PM »
His movements were swift and efficient. The straps creaked lightly as he buckled and checked and checked again. His weyrling lessons were not forgotten, would probably never be forgotten. The actions had thumped into his brain with such effortlessness by Jayedi that he was certain no other weyrling master could compare or live up to her standards.

I don't know why we have to use straps. We're only going to the lake, the bronze grumbled.

"Because, lump, we're supposed to," he replied easily and grimaced as his broken hand got in the way once again. It ached with a dull roar now and he couldn't wait to get the binding off. To keep his mind off the hand, he thought about the upcoming hatching. A gold was in this clutch and he wondered who she would impress to. The pickings, in his opinion, were slim some of the best already chosen and he hoped the little gold would chose wisely. He tightened another strap, adjusted the fit here and there, gritting his teeth when he jammed a finger against Gelabrith's side.

They make me itch, Gelabrith whined.

"Bronzes don't whine, Gel. Bronzes are made of sterner stuff. If you itch maybe it's time for an oil," T'drin told him with a chuckle as he scratched the bronze hide. The bronze gave an appreciative hum, Perhaps. Gripping the strap lightly in one hand, T'drin gave a hop and using the forearm offered, swung easily into place between the neck ridges. That had taken practice, settling himself in the proper place. Practice and several foolish mistakes. Gelabrith rumbled with amusement at the memory playing through T'drin's mind and lifted off clumsily from the ground.

It took them far less time to reach the lake shore now that the weyr had been shifted closer and his wings weren't even a bit sore by the time Gelabrith landed far enough away from the shore not to disturb anything or anyone. I do believe there's someone here, he told T'drin. "Someone crazy," he replied, "Crazy enough to swim when it's not even warm enough to think about it."

He walked closer to the shore where a dark haired girl was muttering to herself as she drew in the sand. He was quiet and the girl didn't hear him - and he was thankful for that - as he moved just a bit closer. Leaning against a tree and crossing his arms across his chest awkwardly, he said, "You know… They say talking to yourself is the very first sign of insanity." 

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Re: Lakeside Manners [T'drin]
« Reply #2 on: 22 Jan 2014 at 12:12 AM »
The voice behind her seemed to come out of nowhere. Kiamyn jumped at the sound of it, lost her balance, and like a hatchling plopped ungracefully on the ground  with an "oomph." Had she been watching this happen to another, Kiamyn would have laughed for once. Unfortunately it was her own self nursing a bruised ego and bottom and she sent a scowl of annoyance over her shoulder as she stood and dusted herself off.

"If that's the case," she began as a retort, "then i've been insane since childhood." Satisfied that she got as much dirt off of her as was possible, Kiamyn kicked sand over her horrible doodle before looking up at the rider. "But not as insane as a rider." It was a bit of a let down for Kia to be seen now. Her whole point of going to the lake was to be alone. Kia looked around to see if anyone else was around just to see the man's dragon.

It's like a person can't get a breath of fresh air without a dragon breathing down her back. The thought was instantly regrettable, however, with the sudden surge of memories it brought. She planned to stand after her child was born but that all washed away in one night. Her scowl deepened.

"How long were you standing there?" She asked, debating whether it was worth it to walk back to her stuff and make a dinner or to walk back to the weyr. She did bring a few things for food, but the day was drawing to a close rather swiftly and she doubted she could make it there before dinner was over.

Kia chewed her lip in deep thought. What to do...


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Re: Lakeside Manners [T'drin]
« Reply #3 on: 25 Jan 2014 at 11:05 PM »
"Obviously," he smirked at her retort before his back stiffened at her scathing remark of dragonriders. He didn't chose to be a dragonrider, far from it. B'jin had tricked him, had played his curiosity and thirst for knowledge against him and he'd ended up here in Katila. He couldn't wait until they went north again. Couldn't wait to see his family, old friends, old masters. But for now, he was a dragonrider and nothing could change that. Gelabrith shifted uncomfortably behind him and T'drin had a moments regret for his thoughts. He didn't blame Gelabrith for any of it and he'd show that bronze that he hadn't chosen wrong.

"It takes a better kind of person to do the things that we do," he sneered, "Certainly not a spoiled, possibly insane child." His words were angry, cruel and he didn't care. He might not claim a good percentage of the rider population in Katila as his friends but to insult them was to insult him. He stood straighter, did he know this girl? He couldn't place a name with her face and didn't feel bad about it.

"Long enough," he said as he took in her scowl. Couldn't she at least pretend to be happy? The day had been nice, sunny for a change and the lake was perfection. He'd been intrigued at first, curious as to who would be nutty enough to actually swim before it was hot enough for it but now that he'd gotten a taste of her rotten attitude, he kind of wish he'd gone farther down. "Do I know you?" he asked, "Are you related to one of the riders? You obviously don't have a dragon yourself or I'd know you, so you must be a rider's 'brat."

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Re: Lakeside Manners [T'drin]
« Reply #4 on: 03 Feb 2014 at 02:22 PM »
Her thoughts firmly placed on her growling stomach, Kiamyn almost missed T'drin's scathing retorts. Her mouth twitched in annoyance.

"Yeah. I'm spoiled," spoiled people are those without anyone. She turned on her heal towards her pack not even bothering to hide how pissed off and sad she was. "K'ran of Grykith was my father. Z'lud of blue Urath is my brother." She figured it was better to answer his question than reply with another stupid remark about something she'd later regret.

At her pack, Kia knelt down to start a fire. She wasn't going to get back in time for dinner. "I have food," she said. It wasn't exactly an invitation. She gave him information and let him make with it what he would. She may have believed she wanted to be alone, felt like the presence of another person caused her immeasurable grief, but already a weight was lifted slightly off her shoulders.

Kia brought out a small pan and laid it over the fire before unwrapping some meat to grill. It was going to be a simple meal, only a few spices to season and some greens to wrap it with, but it'd be filling and she had brought more than enough.

True to her character, Kia forgot a knife to pick the meat off the pan and burned herself slightly trying to flip it. Kia cursed to herself and nursed her sore fingers. I need a knife. She looked over at the nosy rider and sighed. "Do you have a knife I can use?" she asked, slightly miffed that she needed help.


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Re: Lakeside Manners [T'drin]
« Reply #5 on: 09 Feb 2014 at 01:35 AM »
"Can't say as I know them," he responded as he shifted his feet. The fact that she had said K'ran "was" her father was not lost on T'drin and he could only surmise that she had lost family in the landslide. He didn't know what to say to it, he hadn't lost anyone. He hadn't taken the time to get to know the people in the weyr, those lost and those still living, and what family he had was up north. He took a moment to wonder briefly if his parents or siblings missed him at all. They hadn't given a hint of doing so when he had been station in Southern Boll but after so long without word from him.. A man could hope, couldn't he? I'm certain they miss you, T'drin, Gelabrith murmured quietly to him and T'drin shrugged with his feigned indifference.

He was tossed from his thoughts when the smart mouthed girl started to move. What the hell was she doing now? His curiosity was piqued as he watched her move about, removing things from her natty little pack and starting a fire. His brow rose when she removed a small skillet from said pack. Was she cooking? Confusion etched across his face when sure enough, she tossed some meat into the hot pan and the sound of it sizzling reached his ears. He couldn't figure out why she didn't just ask for a ride back to the weyr for something to eat. He and Gelabrith wouldn't have minded if she was hungry enough. "So you do," he said as he shook his head, "I'm sure there's better food and better cooked food, at the weyr. I don't see the reason to cook it yourself in the middle of no where."

His brow quirked when she asked after a knife. "As it so happens… I do. But.. I ain't gonna let you use it unless you ask nicely. " he answered. Had her tone been differently he might have let her use it without question but he got some perverse pleasure out of watching her flounder with the meat. Why not just let her use it anyway? Because, Gel. She looks pissed for having to ask, I wouldn't want to disappoint her. Besides, children need to learn manners. he said to the bronze with a mental chuckle. Would serve her right for being such an ass to him for no reason.

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Re: Lakeside Manners [T'drin]
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