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Bathing Iris [Open]
« on: 05 Mar 2014 at 12:20 AM »
Flora took Iris to the Hot springs. She wanted to clean the pup in the warm spring water and it was a opportunity for her to soak as well. The scars on her legs had finally faded to almost nothing. And she sure wanted to have a good soaking of her own in the heated water. She was sure that Iris would like the water as well. 

The pup used to love going to the Lake and swim but they seldom went over to the lake since the landslide.  It had frightened both her and the pup and even Cye the little blue firelizard had fluttered around like mad as she had fled her residence.   She didn't know how many had died.  There were so many deaths to keep track of. That she decided to not even think about it. After all she and her lovely pup and firelizard were still here and nothing could bring down her happiness at knowing the three of them made it.

She leaned back into the water as Iris paddled up to her.  She smiled as Cye curled up in the quickly discarded clothing.  She closed her eyes yes it was a good day to be alive for all of them. Sitting in the spring rejuvenated her and eased her mind as she relaxed there.

Re: Bathing Iris [Open]
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New Katila had come far since they'd found it, but there was still much to do on a typical day. Peorray frankly loved it, had thrown herself into whatever she could find that needed doing. Busy hands made a busy mind, and a mind too tired to dwell on what it had lost as much. Thoughts of Soren still ached, but exhaustion helped stave off the bad dreams- or worse, the ones where he was still alive, and she was so happy until the moment she woke up.

Glad as she was of the work, her muscles weren't always so pleased. Which made the hot springs that had come with the territory very attractive for soothing aches away. Peorray picked her way toward one of the springs nearby, Wydrith trailing her, only to stop in dismay as she found it already in use. While that wasn't necessarily an obstacle, girls of this one's apparent age could be sensitive about such things- to say nothing about the firelizard and canine that might be disturbed.

"Oh, I'm sorry- didn't know this one was being used." She decided to announce herself with the apology, and a question. Might as well be up front. "I can find another if you -or your... friends...- would like me to?" And that was far more hesitant than she was used to being. Did riders and their dragons get more like one another as they aged, as people joked about with pets and their owners?

Untitled DocumentWouldn't be a bad thing on my end. The gold told her rider warmly, even as she watched the girl in the pool for signs that they'd be sent away.

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Re: Bathing Iris [Open]
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