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Homecoming [Solo/Site Event]
« on: 24 Mar 2014 at 04:26 AM »
I wish you’d slept a bit Tyrrisath said, though the grimness and distance in his tone indicated that he was not surprised. The brown dragon huddled outside, wings pressed flatly to his sides. Flit was perching delicately on his nose, jittering with excitement. She could sense the anticipation welling within the generally quiet dragon, and she could definitely feel the sense of triumph rolling off of their shared bonded.

I rested, and that’s good enough S’kef replied simply. He was making his final preparations, adjusting his leathers and inspecting his appearance on one of the Weyr’s few mirrors before heading out. He knew that nearby, the rest of the Weyr was gathering in anticipation of the biggest event in turns. Depending on one’s attitude, it might have even been the biggest event since the plague itself.

It was a new start. It was the new start, the one S’kef had dreamed of since he first dared to seek his station. The dragonriders would known their former glory once again. It may take time and it would not come without obstacles, but it was going to happen. S’kef would see to it personally if he must.

As he finished his preparations, he thought about the previous days. The greeting parties had not been welcomed as warmly as he hoped, but it was not an unexpected outcome. The lord of Telgar and the master crafters were not pleased to see them. S’kef didn’t much care, though. He and his dragonriders would occupy their rightful place anyhow. They wouldn’t allow a cold reception frighten them back into the mud!

 Time healed all wounds. The young people would be won over, and the old guard would eventually die. The dragonriders would rely on the will of the common folk to bring them back into favor. S’kef was sure of it.
“All right, let’s go,” he said aloud. He snatched his last bag and walked outside, motioning for Tyrrisath to approach. He attached the last bag to the beast’s straps before mounting and taking off. Within seconds, they were circling over the hunting grounds. It was difficult to decide on a point of departure, since so much of the original Weyr had been damaged in the landslide and they simply needed the space to gather the Weyr’s inhabitants.

When he looked upon them, he couldn’t help but smile with pride. They looked so much better than they did when they first crawled out of the jungle to assemble all those turns ago. They were no longer so few, and no longer starved and hopeless, but they did need a home once again.

Within the hour, everyone was there. S’kef had honestly expected some foot dragging and last minute theatrics, but it hadn’t happened. He asked Tyrrisath to thank J’ver and recall him to their side. J’ver had been instructed to spend the morning mingling with the crowd and watch for any troublemakers, but now it was time for him to return to his proper place at the front.  The wingleaders were there as well, awaiting instruction as the moment grew nearer. They’d already been instructed to brief their wingriders on the procedures for the move, though S’kef expected a bit of organized chaos once everyone touched down at Telgar and started searching for their new quarters.

S’kef remained quiet and reflective. This is it, Tyrrisath he mused. He could almost feel the dragon smirking. You’ve achieved that which you wanted the most. And not for the first time, either… Winning J;ver and becoming Weytrleader came to mind. Now he would lead them home. What next? The dragon’s sly words brought an equally sly grin to the brownrider’s face.
We will see

He held up his hand for silence. “Dragonriders!” he called. “As most of you know, I’m not a man of words, but a man of actions. I spent the night pondering what words could possibly sweeten this moment, but I have found none. You all have your instructions and you’ve all been briefed by your Wingleaders…you all know what to expect on the other side, and what is expected of you.” He paused to take a deep breath. “So, I say that we’ve waited, talked, debated, and argued long enough. No more words.”

He glanced to J’ver and smirked. “I love you.”

Afterwards, he took a fluid step towards Tyrrisath and mounted. “Goldriders! Release us,” he called. He knew they would; it had been demanded, and they had agreed. If they didn’t agree, S’kef was ready to force them. Fortunately and as expected, the agreement was honored. S’kef felt a rush of excitement as Tyrrisath launched himself skyward and broadcast the destination to those who did not know. The wingleaders followed, and their wings fell into line behind them. Then, S’kef glanced down at what remained of Katila one last time.
When they emerged, he was greeted by a familiar skyline. At least from this distance, Telgar Weyr looked the very same as it had the first time he’d flown there as a young man. It felt so very long ago. He was breathless for a moment. Tyrrisath’s mind brushed his, adding his own confidence and triumph to that of his bonded. S’kef smirked.

Plenty left to do, Tyr he said. I wonder what sort of shape it will be in once we land…
There would be quarters to claim, abandoned chambers to clean, supplies to gather, facilities to prepare, and maybe even some squatters to flush out.  There would be holdfolk to meet, families to contact, and memories to revisit.  It was a big operation, and surely there would be hang-ups, confusion, and maybe even a little adventure on the other side.  S’kef wasn’t looking forward to the headaches, but he never backed down from a challenge.

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