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Dragonrider Greeting Party! [Halls & Holds]
« on: 08 Apr 2014 at 03:33 PM »
S'kef has arranged several Greeting Parties, consisting of a single bronze, brown, blue and greenrider (again, all male) who are sent to every major Hold and Hall across Pern. While most of the Holds respond very much like Telgar did, the Halls are a different story entirely.

Utterly outraged that the Dragonriders are responsible for the disappearance of so many promising young men over the past several turns, the Dragonriders are - without question or doubt - banished from Hall grounds, with clear threats to dragon and rider lives, whatever it takes. Even without communicating, all the Halls respond similarly. Figuring that is something that will need handling very delicately, S'kef opts to leave them to cool down and all Riders are forbidden to go anywhere near a Hall. Additionally, all previously Stolen that have not Impressed, are given the option to return to the Hall of origin, should they so choose. Many so choose, and while the Hall's eye them suspiciously for some time, it is clear that they are almost unanimously thankful to be back where they belong.

Greeting Party PCs {One party for each Region}
Telgar Region:
 - @Jenn's brownrider @K'ton

Fort Region:
 - @Tari's bluerider @H'gra

Open positions: {One party for each Region}
Telgar Region - 1x bronze; 1x blue, 1x green
Fort Region - 1x bronze, 1x brown, 1x green

All other regions: 1x bronze, brown, blue & green, all male riders.

Please go here to claim a slot.
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