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Author Topic:  Are you...Going Away? [K'tir]  (Read 891 times)

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Are you...Going Away? [K'tir]
« on: 11 Apr 2014 at 01:31 PM »
It had been announced, the move to Telgar. It turned out a skeleton crew of riders would be keeping Katila going for right now at least. She knew with eggs on the sands, and more soon to come, she really didn't have a choice in remaining here, unless she wanted to give up being a Candidate. She wasn't willing to.

But.. K'tir might be headed north. She knew she really didn't have any claim on him. They hadn't really spent any time together recently,  not since the Landslide at least. She paused her train of thought as the memories of the Landslide briefly overtook her. Shaking her head, ahe got her mind back on track.

She still wanted to see him though. To say goodbye if nothing else. She didn't actually KNOW if he was due to go, but it would make her feel better if she sent him off with good wishes if he was. And if not? She shrugged delicately. She would at least have a chance to see him.

Their son was being watched in the creche,  so she had the room to herself. It was a good time too. Alerae made a quick trip to the kitchens, gathering a light lunch for the two of then to share. She set up the table, smiling softly as she arranged things.

She whistled softly, calling Tank over. She scribbled out a quick note to K'tir,  asking him to meet her here. She hoped he wasn't too busy to take some time for her.

Sorry if its a little short. I typed it on my phone.

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Re: Are you...Going Away? [K'tir]
« Reply #1 on: 15 Apr 2014 at 12:06 AM »
Tank appeared as K’tir was oiling his own firelizards. Cocoa Bean and Dewdrop were eyed for a moment, wondering which one spread the word that they were being pampered by the brownrider that day instead of his children he had Impressed the flits for. Both seemed just as surprised to see their friend and K’tir spared them a mini lecture about inviting everyone over for parties, especially once he saw the small piece of parchment Tank carried. Dewdrop’s belly was given a few more rubs to make sure the oil was well spread before K’tir took the paper and thanked the brown for bringing it.

He knew it wouldn’t have been about their son since Alerae would have made the trip over to him herself to relay any news whether good or bad. Unless, of course, something had happened to her as well or instead of to Kajiran. Frowning, he finally read the note to find out the truth of it all. He nearly laughed when it was only an invitation to visit. There was still the chance it was regarding something negative but Alerae wasn’t one for dramatics and K’tir assumed it was simply a social call.

K’tir finished oiling the soft hide of the tiny creatures and sent them off to find the children while he cleaned up the supplies and himself. His face and hands were washed and a fresh shirt slipped on though his hair wasn’t pulled back that day, preferring to keep it down that afternoon. He didn’t have anything to do with the Wing or any chores outside of his own home so there wasn’t a need to keep it free of his face while he worked.

A few minutes later and K’tir was at Alerae’s door. Ghaeth had been excited at first for a visit, thinking Kajiran would be around but the curious brown reached out for the boy’s mind and found him to be playing in the crèche with friends. That made for a sulking brown dragon that had curled up in the sun instead. K’tir shook his head at Ghaeth’s mood swing, knowing the dragon would be back to bouncing around inside his head and around the Weyr within the hour.

A knock was given to the door but K’tir didn’t wait to be let in, instead cracking the door open enough to peek his head in. “Alerae? You called for me. Is everything okay?” Not finding anything on a first glance that indicated he had poor timing and was interrupting something, K’tir slipped all the way inside and shut the door behind him.

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Re: Are you...Going Away? [K'tir]
« Reply #2 on: 04 Jul 2014 at 11:53 AM »
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