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Too Late to Turn Back Now[Jayedi]
« on: 19 Apr 2014 at 04:06 PM »
If anyone had told him just a few weeks back that he'd be leaving the only place he'd ever lived to become the "assistant" to a young lord he would have dismissed them as crazy. Yet that was his life now. The cothold was a thing of the past and he now had a room of his own in Gabrin's house, and the freedom to go nearly anywhere he pleased, as long as the man was not in need of his presence for one reason or another. His initial struggle over the flood of changes slowly faded into acceptance. Even his moral dilemma over his relationship with the other man was easy enough to justify as the means to an end. Gabrin seemed to have no issue pursuing a lifestyle most would see as wrong, so why should he. If anything the forbidden nature of it only made it more enjoyable.   

No matter how much he enjoyed his brand new life style he knew it wouldn't satisfy him for long. Eventually Gabrin would grow bored of his toy, though he had assured Ekshan he'd be looked after, he wanted more than to be passed from one lordling to the next. He risen higher than most men of his background ever would, but he wasn't satisfied, not yet. His original plan had been to become a candidate, and he was still intent of pursuing that. Visiting the Southern Weyr seemed like the perfect chance to make some discreet inquiries about candidacy and dragonriders. The Weyr's liberal nature was also rather appealing and would negate the need to keep his personal preferences a secret.

The Bluerider he approached was quite willing to take him South, and after a brief explanation about what to expect Eskshan was helped aboard. It was thrilling to actually be riding a creature that not so long a go was believed to be extinct. The cold, dark nothingness of between was startling, and for a brief second he worried they'd never emerge. Almost before he'd finished the thought though they burst out into the bright southern sunshine and Ekshan sagged slightly against the riding straps. Between was going to take a bit of getting use to. The Blue deftly circled in, landing without jarring his passengers too much. "When your ready to head back, just let someone know and they'll sort out a ride for you." Ekshan nodded and thanked the rider, stepping back as the Blue took off to return North.

It was late morning, a few weyrfolk were seeing to the daily chores, much the same as their holder counterparts. He stared upward as a large shadow passed over head, catching sight of the underside of a Green dragon passing above him. His initial confidence about his task wavered, he shoved his hands into his pockets, attempting not to look to horribly out of place and failing miserably. Why was it that something that seemed so straight forward in his head had suddenly gotten rather overwhelming.


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Re: Too Late to Turn Back Now[Jayedi]
« Reply #1 on: 21 Apr 2014 at 10:47 PM »
There were a lot of new faces around Katila these days. J'di wasn't certain just what S'kef was thinking to allow that. Dragonkind would be a novelty to those young enough not to remember them, but they had a Weyr full of dragons up North to gawk at. Why keep their most vulnerable in the South and then allow the holders access to them anyway when there were perfectly good beasts to gawk at up North? Who knew what not-so-clever ideas a disgruntled crafter might come up with?

So J’di made a point to keep an eye on any new faces she saw around the place. Making friends was all well and good, but the safety of her weyrlings came first.

As it happened, however, Caymath spotted the boy first- his rider being rather preoccupied with working a coat of oil into hide that dried much faster than it used to in their youth. The blue himself was free to study his surroundings as he pleased, and after so many turns of training weyrlings, the dragon had an eye for awkward youth who might be too shy or to proud to ask for help when they needed it.

Welcome to Katila. Perhaps I or my rider might be of assistance to you today? Caymath didn't make a habit of addressing strangers directly, but he didn't find it distasteful either. Needs must, after all. But what Ekshan would make of the relaxed, mildly-voiced offer was anyone's guess.

Re: Too Late to Turn Back Now[Jayedi]
« Reply #2 on: 27 Apr 2014 at 07:34 PM »
It was surreal to think that an entire Weyr had existed without anyone up North knowing about it. There had been the cases of people just vanishing, but the numbers were so few and it was so random, that most had been ignored, shrugged off as runaways. Now they made sense, and a lot of families were probably relieved to know what had happened to their sons and daughters and equally upset that dragonriders had kidnapped them in the first place. It didn't make for a good foundation on which to build a relationship between Hold and Weyr.

The stealing of people from the North didn't bother him, it had nothing to do with him and he wasn't prone to worrying about things that didn't directly affect him. He was curious over why the Weyr had chosen now to return North. Why stay hidden for so many years only to reappear now. What had motivated the move when they could have easily maintained their anonymity.

Ekshan was unprepared to have his thoughts interrupted by a dragon. He'd heard they could talk to people, if they wanted to, but he was still startled. The voice was relaxed and probably helped prevent him from completely freaking out, but having a voice not his own bouncing around his mind felt oddly invasive. Maybe those who lived around the creatures were use to it, but for him it was a brand new experience. His hands came free of his pockets as he spun in place as if to make sure someone hadn't snuck up behind him. His gaze came to rest on the Blue dragon and the short older woman rubbing oil into his hide.

"Ahhh." He managed blinking rapidly as he tried to figure out what just what you said to a dragon. He took a few steps closer, attempting to conquer his natural wariness of new things and situations. "Thank you, I just arrived." He continued, deciding being polite was the best route to take. If he wanted to someday join their ranks then making a good first impression couldn't hurt.

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Re: Too Late to Turn Back Now[Jayedi]
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