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A Boy Like Me [T'lian]
« on: 21 Apr 2014 at 07:55 AM »
Why would you come to this place if it bothers you so, S’cer?

Her voice was soft as ever, but there was a trace of motherly concern there that had only grown more pronounced in the days that followed the moving of the bulk of the Weyr to the North. She knew S’cer was unsettled; she could feel it in the way he slept fitfully at night, dreaming of things he would not divulge to her, and his surly demeanor during the day. He spoke with her, of course, but even in this there had been a shift—he was quieter, more withdrawn, with smiles coming so rarely that sometimes Quelseth could not imagine how S’cer looked when he was happy.

He didn’t respond, but turned away from her, expression clouded. It pained her to think that he was brooding over something she wasn’t privy to, but Quelseth wasn’t sure how to help. Her own brand of sympathetic questioning failed about as much as it helped—her rider had an aversion to feeling pitied, it seemed, even if it came from her. Blinking, the green tucked her tail primly to her side, arching her neck so as to examine the empty building before her and the fruit trees that seemed to be everywhere on the island.

I only wish for you to be happy, she sighed, uncommonly melancholy. It was hard for her to feel shut out, and S’cer’s mood affected her more than she could express—she tried to be upbeat, but even she had her days where she felt she couldn’t go on. The difference between them seemed to be that she always picked herself back up; the same could not be said of her rider, who tended to such stubbornness that he refused to let anything go.

I know, came the reply after a long moment, and S’cer sighed, shoulders falling in visible defeat. He was tired of shouldering this burden that he tried so hard to keep from her, more out of some misguided sense of protection than anything else, and Quelseth found that trait as endearing as she did infuriating. They were a pair, and it was hardly healthy to keep secrets from one another, especially when it caused such distress.

I lived here before they let me go to Katila. After they’d taken me from Telgar.

He rarely talked with her about his life before their Impression to one another, but she knew that it had not been happy. She had gleaned much about the varying groups at Katila—the Stolen, the Southerners, the antagonistic animosity between the two groups. Quelseth was uncertain as to how she was supposed to feel about it all; on one hand, she could understand that it was traumatizing to be stolen in the night, but on the other the dragonets had desperately needed candidates. Of course, she would never say as much to S’cer lest it cause problems between them, and so she kept her opinions on the subject to herself.

S’cer, who had up until this point simply stood staring at the empty barracks, moved toward it, placing a pale, freckled hand on the door. T’lian was here as well. He… tried to harm himself. He made no moves to push the door open, considering something that Quelseth wasn’t privy to, before turning to face her.

You miss him. It was more question than statement, and S’cer’s face flushed readily. He is your friend. It is not unheard of to miss your friends.

You don’t understand, S’cer cut across her, frowning in the direction of his boots.

If you wish to see him, I could contact Khaduceth. I would do it, for you. She was shy with others with the exception of Mizeath, who she regarded fondly enough to approach, and had yet to figure out how she felt about the brown. He was so very large and forbidding! But she would risk potential embarrassment if it meant that S’cer would be happier, that he would feel at ease again.

She reached out tentatively, picturing the warm brown of his hide and the immense size of him. He seemed a steady sort, or at least a dragon with his head on straight, and surely he could help. At least, that was what she told herself to quell her nerves—this was not something she normally did, after all. Khaduceth, forgive me, but I fear something is wrong with S’cer. T’lian might be able to help, I think. She sent him a clear visual of Candidate Isle before adding, in a faltering tone, If the pair of you have time, that is. I would appreciate it.


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Re: A Boy Like Me [T'lian]
« Reply #1 on: 23 Apr 2014 at 04:48 PM »
It amused Khaduceth how nervous Quelseth sounded in her little request. He was no threat to the little green, but while he supposed he should feel bad, it flattered him to think that his imposing size and wit gave others pause. He purred softly to himself and promptly replied, assuring her in a few quick words that T'lian would be along presently, assuming he had time.

What are you doing?

Shards. T'lian was a sharp one, and he seemed to have special sense of when Khaduceth was up to something. The dragon shrugged mentally and relayed the message. Khaduceth didn't particularly care for others demanding their presence, but he kept his thoughts to himself. Tal wouldn't have found it amusing. He would probably say something about how arrogance wasn't attractive or something like that...

Good thing we're already here T'lian thought as he stepped out of the weyrfolk hall. He still made occasional trips to Katila to check on the lingering sick and injured, though by now, many of them had recovered or moved. He still came through, though. It was a nice break, and as much as he despised Katila for what it had been, he enjoyed the quiet and the change to gather some more of those exotic herbs.

He gave Khaduceth's snout a firm pat before climbing up. Nothing's wrong, is it? Is he sick, hurt..? he asked. His tone was focused and mildly concerned, for the wording left him expecting some sort of medical situation. Something was wrong with S'cer. He needed help!

Something like that the dragon said before taking off. A few moments later, they appeared in the air above the candidate isle. T'lian frowned a little, but still felt a moment of relief when he realized that this was no medical call. Khaduceth landed and Tansy and Fellis winked into view after them, completing the entourage.

T'lian dismounted and let out an awkward little chuckle. "Oh, good. The way he talked, I thought you were hurt or something. Um..." He looked around uncomfortably. Why this place, of all places? He asked that question of himself, but he figured he probably already knew. "It's uh, good to see you. Are you okay?" Dumb question...

Re: A Boy Like Me [T'lian]
« Reply #2 on: 30 Apr 2014 at 05:14 AM »
Khaduceth's voice was always so quiet and nice, Quelseth thought privately to herself as he responded. Perhaps for his imposing size he wasn't as bad as she had thought--he had never been anything but courteous to both her and S'cer (at least as far as she could remember), and he seemed like he wanted to help. She was soothed somewhat by the brown, and she turned her attention back to her rider, confident that this would help.

S'cer blinked, staring at her, eyebrows drawn together. She could feel his mind racing, trying to piece together what she had done despite the fact that she had just told him--perhaps he did not believe she could be so bold, but he ought to have known by now that she would do anything, anything at all, to make him happy. Eventually his expression smoothed out, and he shook his head as if to clear it.

Wingbeats overhead drew his attention, and when he realized who it was, S'cer turned a scathing look on her, scowling. The last person I need involved is him, he ground out through their mind-link, sounding sullen and angry. Whether he was angry at her, or angry at T'lian for coming, Quelseth didn't know--it didn't matter. For a brief moment she considered shrinking in on herself in the wake of his undisguised anger, but that thought was quickly set aside--she might have done so had this been any other person, but not with him.

She drew herself up to her full height, eyes a yellow shot through with streaks of red, and mustered all the courage she had. You're unhappy, and seem to like not telling me why. Perhaps if you won't talk to me, you'll talk to him.

He stared at her for a long moment, and briefly Quelseth thought he would argue, but eventually he turned away, seemingly cowed by her outburst. Quelseth took the time to size up T'lian, and driven by her need to do something to make her position known, she decided that there was no other option but to bespeak the healer. It was strange for her--dragons were one thing, and humans quite another--but she had quickly learned that S'cer had so few friends that those he did have were of the utmost importance to him. Her first time bespeaking anyone could have been worse, she supposed.

S'cer has been acting oddly, and sees fit not to divulge why to me. He is fond of you, and I hoped he would speak to you about it. She paused, considering her surroundings, then added, I do not know why he brought me here, but he spoke of Telgar and of your attempt to harm yourself.

Perhaps T'lian could make something of that knowledge, or so Quelseth hoped. S'cer was so reticent to discuss his past with her that she knew very little about it, and it seemed apparent to her that T'lian might have more luck than her in this case.


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Re: A Boy Like Me [T'lian]
« Reply #3 on: 04 May 2014 at 05:30 PM »
S'cer seemed agitated, and T'lian had absolutely no idea what to do. It didn't take a genius to figure out what was going on, though. S'cert shared so many of T'lian's sentiments about the situation, and to find him here, aggravated and worrying his dragon to the point that she was bespeaking other people? Something must have really been wrong, and T'lian would have put money on exactly what it was. Too bad he had no idea how to approach the topic in a meaningful way, though!

How was he supposed to talk about it? It was no secret between them that they both held on to some bitterness., though they had different coping mechanisms. It also immediately stuck out to T'lian that the green dragon mentioned his self-harm. It didn't particularly bother him - in fact, he was more bothered by how little it bothered him than he was by the memory itself. Today, he was regretting upsetting B'jin far more than he regretted any pain he'd caused himself! He even went as far as to name one of his sharding flits after the plant he'd used. Was that in poor taste?

Shards, what should he do? Why was S'cer so quiet?

T'lian cleared his throat and tried again. "Um, your dragon is worried about you. She said you might want to talk to me. I hope I'm not bothering you." I sound like an idiot! He chewed on the inside of his cheek and looked around uncomfortably. "...Um...mind if I sit with you? I just..."

He glanced around and let out a weary sigh. "...I get it. I really do." There were plenty of times were he wished he'd had someone to talk to who didn't try to justify the whole thing. It didn't torment him like it once had, but he didn't now about S'cer, and he remembered that feeling well enough to hold sympathy. "...We if you need to?"

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Re: A Boy Like Me [T'lian]
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