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Wonderful News [Solo]
« on: 21 Aug 2014 at 07:05 AM »
She still couldn’t believe. Well, she could and she had enough proof piled against it that it was hard to deny but still she had denied it until the Healer confirmed it. Rhaedalyn recalled a moment of shock and then a squeal of delight escaping before the rest of the check-up turned into a blur of orders for healthcare and when next to stop in. She nodded and mostly heard – or at least heard enough she was certain she’d recall it later – what was said before being sent on her way.

Now that she knew without a doubt, Rhaedalyn couldn’t stop cradling her belly as she walked over to where Aradissicath had been quietly waiting. Pregnant! She was pregnant! Tears of joy slipped down her cheeks as Aradissicath nuzzled her shoulder. It was something she had longed to happen since she was old enough to consider being wedded. Children were wonderful – when they were quiet as the crying and screaming she could do without – and a true staple of a successful marriage and her role of wife being done well. She was mediocre at tailoring and it was only in recent turns that her skill truly improved. Cleaning wasn’t a strong suit of hers either as people pointed out at times. Cooking was another thing she was passable at though some items like pies no longer made brave friends cringe or sick.

But now she was pregnant and with a wonderful man! Z’ia would be so excited! She couldn’t wait to tell him and didn’t have a single thought of doubt creep into her mind that said otherwise. Z’ia had been sweet and supportive in all that she did to a point where he was exactly as her daydreams always said he’d be. He was attentive as well that Rhaedalyn was surprised he hadn’t suspected earlier. She knew so many of the signs from seeing other women pregnant but didn’t connect them as they happened but Z’ia knew her body and mind so well that she honestly believed he would have asked long before knowing herself.

So many things had been so easily brushed away. Her tummy would grow upset from favourite foods though that had been explained away as indulging too much, especially when a few extra pounds started to show. Energy didn’t last nearly as long as it typically did, leaving her drained and in need of a nap but Z’ia had a habit of keeping her up late whether for chatting or other activities. That thought made a faint blush appear on pale cheeks but it was the final piece to the puzzle that really brought it out. Her breasts grew tender as the days wore on but Z’ia enjoyed touching them, as meager as they were in comparison to other women. How had they both been so blind to so many signs?

Although, it wasn’t such a bad thing. Rhaedalyn was rather fond of the daydream that involved her surprising Z’ia with the news and now she got to live it!

And we get to be mothers together.

Rhaedalyn giggled and nodded as they fell in step together for the trip back to her room. “Yes, but you’ll have your babies before I have mine.” Not that it bothered Rhaedalyn; she was having far too much fun thinking about them both being mothers. Then again, Aradissicath was rather cranky when she was egg-heavy and Rhaedalyn hoped she wouldn’t be like that herself in later months!

“Come on! We have to go tell Z’ia!” Everyone else could wait. Z’ia deserved the honour of being the first one to know – outside the Healer, of course – since they were practically mated. What if he made them official now that a child was involved? Rhaedalyn was nearly skipping her way down the path with that glorious idea in her head.

They were going to have the cutest children!


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