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Shadows of the Past [Solo]
« on: 06 Feb 2015 at 11:07 PM »
Directly follows A Day to Remember
Meeting K'ton's family had been wonderful, though she knew he had been rather apprehensive about the entire ordeal. She was glad he hadn't backed out of the long awaited meeting, but now that it was behind them, she wished they had stayed longer. She liked his family, and they had seemed to like her as well. What lay before her was far more uncertain she felt, than what K'ton had expected of his own family.

She was now perched on Ironth, behind K'ton, one arm wrapped around him, the other raised to wave as his family shrunk beneath them. Once they were high enough for the jump between, she circled his waist with both arms, sent the required imagery to Digger, and braced herself for the cold of between. She really wasn't sure she wanted to do this, without having a dragon of her own she was useless, a disgrace really. What if her mother was there, to humiliate and harass her once more? What if her grandmother was no longer alive as she had been told, or worse, didn't remember her?

There were so many unanswered questions, so many what ifs and worries. She must have been projecting her worries so forcefully, as K'ton looked over his shoulder at her and gave her a smile. "Stop worrying so much, it is causing Ironth concern." She had flushed brightly at that and said, "I am so sorry! I can't help it!" He had given her hand a squeeze and gave her a grin then focused on Ironth and the ground below for their landing. Digger and Serene popped out of between just then and chirped and crooned as they chased each other around the descending, brown bulk, that was Ironth.

It had been a very long 8 years since she had seen her home in Southern Boll, the weyr looked to be just as busy as it had always been with people going here and there. Until they spotted Ironth, who was rather difficult to miss really. Even though they had been back in the north for a while, there was still a great deal of shock and disbelief that the dragons, and firelizards alike, were still alive and thriving. Men and women alike stopped in their tracks all around the gather grounds to watch the brown circle to land, children watched in awe from behind their mother's dress skirts, which amused her to no end, as if the brown would eat them all up.

She loosened her grip on K'ton slightly after Ironth landed, but made no attempt to move or release him completely. She was afraid. Ironth rumbled as he finally settled himself on the ground, situating himself so that they would dismount and go about their human business. She still had not let go of K'ton, and was reminded she needed to do so with a chuckle and a pat on her small hands. She nearly jumped as she had been lost in thought, flushed faintly and released him so that he could dismount, then help her down. Though as often as he took her places, she was almost as adept as getting on and off Ironth's back as K'ton was. She let him help her anyway, no need to bruise his pride as she would never hear the end of the overly dramatic whining, as amusing as it was to hear. Dark eyes scanned the faces of those gathered, though not very closely, as she straightened her clothing, their murmurs and scowls were not lost on her, and she wasn't sure if it was herself or K'ton the looks were aimed at.

K'ton cleared his throat and stood beside her with a look on his face that clearly demanded a certain level of respect, their leering and comments subsided, though only just. Before they could take a step away from Ironth the Lord Holder came up to them, demanding information, which she let K'ton deal with, though she did fidget slightly as the formalities were dealt with. With promises to be gone swiftly, they were granted leave to seek whatever it was they were seeking and Vee let K'ton take the lead until they were actually in the hold. Inside was all her, as she moved through the hold like she had never left, Digger and Serene following them and chirping happily as they did so, darting here and there and causing the occasional panicked scream. Her heart was racing as she made her way up a flight of stairs and down an all too familiar hallway. She had not seen her grandmother outside, she had to be in her rooms. Had to be.

She paused outside the door to her grandmother's rooms, too afraid to open knock, afraid it wouldn't be the face she was looking for. Digger landed on his bonded's shoulder, crooning at her softly and rubbing his head on her cheek. Luckily for her she had K'ton with her as well and after a long moment of petting Digger instead of knocking, he nudged her. "No sense in getting cold feet now.", he said, hints of amusement in his voice, but rather than allow her to do just that, he reached around her and knocked on the door. His larger knuckles making much more sound than her smaller ones might have. She turned and gave him a narrow eyed, 'I'd have got around to it.' look, then huffed at him, but was slightly relieved, because she honestly did not know if she would have knocked. She shuffled nervously while they waited, looking over at K'ton when he took her had to keep her from repeatedly balling up her fist. She flushed and smiled a little, just as the door creaked open and Vee caught her breath sharply. She nearly bolted, startling Digger, though he didn't take flight, and prompting K'ton to gently but firmly hold her in place as a weathered older woman peered out at them both.

"Who are you!? What do you want?", snapped the woman as she glared at them, though her glare softened some the more she looked at Vee and the firelizards that were one their respective shoulders. K'ton cleared his throat softly and poked her in the side. She jumped and shushed him before turning her eyes back to the woman she would recognize anywhere. "Meme?", she all but squeaked in a small scared voice. More glaring from her grandmother who had been closing the door in their face. The glaring lasted for several moments and when it seemed that all her fears were justified, her grandmothers face changed dramatically, to a look of recognitions yet disbelief. "V-Vaeyla? My Vaeyla?" She hadn't realized she had been holding her breath until a surprisingly strong hand grabbed her arm, as if she make sure she hadn't imagined her, then to Digger's displeasure, pulled Vee into her room and hugged her nearly breathless.

Several hours, many stories, and a very slow walk out to introduce her grandmother to Ironth had the day slipping into evening. The look on her grandmother's face when she had seen the brown had been one mixed of pained heartbreak and incredible disbelief but she weathered it well. Ironth had weathered it fairly well too and Vee had been so grateful that he had been willing to endure the emptiness that was her grandmother. There had been several times when she had slipped into forgetting them, but surprisingly the firelizards seemed to bring her back and she vowed to try and get one for her.

In the end K'ton had had to drag her away, and though she hated to leave, she knew she had to but with promises to return for her. In the end she did feel terribly guilty for keeping K'ton and Ironth there so long. She apologized so much, that as they geared up and took flight K'ton had threatened to have Ironth fly over a lake and dunk her until she stopped. She couldn't resist the challenge and said it one more time, just to test him. She screamed and laughed when Ironth started to turn instead of go Between, and promised not to say it again.

"Thank you", she said before they blinked Between. He just smiled at her and gave Ironth the command to go home.
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