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All the Awkward!
« on: 26 Feb 2015 at 12:37 AM »

"Why don't you go talk to him Kellian!", came a teasing sing-songy voice next to her ear. It caused her to flush and jump, which caused her so called friends to start laughing and giggling at her. "Oh hush! I talk to him all the time!" She stuck her tongue out at them and turned back to the shirt she was mending. They had a break from lessons but there was still things to be done and Kellian and a couple of the other candidates were all seated by the lake doing various things. Kellian was mending a few tunics belonging to other candidates. Her stitching was often more even than some of the other girls, that and she actually didn't mind mending or making clothes if she got the chance.

The "him" they were referring to was her friend L'ton, who was currently bathing his brown not too far away. They had become friends while in lessons and helped each other during chores as often as they could, right up until he had Impressed his Kaliqueth. She still talked to him on occasion, but she did miss him being around so much. Most days she only was able to speak with him in passing from one lesson or another to her chores, maybe at meals if she was lucky. She found he was easy to talk to and managed to develop somewhat of a crush on him, that she did try to hide. Unfortunately girls were far more observant than boys seemed to be and she was regularly teased for it. It was her own fault though, her eyes were often drawn to him again and again, as they were now. She had liked him just fine before he had Impressed, but he had changed so much in the last months that it was hard not to notice him. Of course, all the other girls had noticed him as well, a fact that was not lost on her at all. For what it was worth, one way or another he was still her friend, she imagined some day it would change, but she was hopeful he would still at least be friendly.

"Uh huh..", came her friend's teasing voice again. She had caught her looking at him again, smiling a bit as she watched him being playful with his brown. "Oh! Hush!", she said again with a huff, then swatted her with the tunic in hand. This of course caused all three of the girls she had been with to dissolve into a fit of laughter and giggles. She decided then that she was not going to raise to her friend's baiting anymore and picked up her things and, after making playful faces at them all, went off to sit near a rather large rock to finish her mending. Her face was flaming red as the girls continued to laugh, though without Kel to tease they settled down into other chatter rather quickly, for which she was thankful for. She tried to compose herself so she could finish her work, but couldn't help to look up at L'ton again.

She was terribly glad that she wasn't still beside the other girls, because as she looked up she ended up catching his eye. She blamed the excessively loud giggling and laughter of her so called friends for drawing his attention. She was glad he was with his dragon still, because even from where she was she could tell he was laughing at her. She groaned softly and shook her head at him, not that he would understand why of course. She was sure that if he caught up with her later she would probably never hear the end of it. Not that she really cared much really, his humor was a relief from the gossiping wherries she called friends, though she supposed her being friends with him only gave them more to gossip about.

She huffed softly and shook her head again before dropping her gaze to the shirt in hand. She had to focus, she needed to get these done. Her friends might have been okay with slacking off, but she had promised to have the shirts mended and she meant to do so! Every so often she would look up at the chattering girls, or over at L'ton and his dragon. She was glad to see she was no longer of any interest to either of them, and managed to get herself lost in her work.
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Re: All the Awkward!
« Reply #1 on: 02 Apr 2015 at 09:57 AM »
L'ton of brown Kaliqueth

This sand is rather delicious, like the best of the meats, the thick bodied brown told his rider, tone dreamy as he thought of the meats he liked best. L’ton – sometimes it was still strange to answer to that name – shook his head at the dragon he scrubbed. “You’re not supposed to eat the soap sands, Kal, it’s for washing not eatin’,” he laughed. The growing hatchling had had to be put on a slight diet when L’ton found he had been over feeding the lout, causing Kaliqueth to be on the verge of becoming quite fat.

Luckily he and his weyrling master had caught on to the fact and Kaliqueth’s eating was regulated and the stocky brown lost some of the baby fat he’d begun to accumulate in his short life. A strict schedule would have to be implemented with him, L’ton had been told, to ensure the brown remained fit and healthy.

It’s just so delicious, L’ton, you should try it. I bet you’d like it. She is watching you again. L’ton blinked at the sudden change of subject in such a short span of time. She? She who? L’ton was confused and the emotion was readily available on his face, so much so that Kaliqueth decided to elaborate, The girl. That one. Your friend Kellian. She is watching you again. You know, I think she’s been watching you this whole time, I would have said something before but the sand was to good.

L’ton’s face brightened with heightened color. He’d noticed Kellian watching him as well and had laughed at her a few times when she’d quickly looked away. He knew her friends laughed at her too, between their own subtle and not so subtle looks. Oh he’d teased Kel for the stares and looks throughout the morning, tossing winks here and there towards her and her friends. Of course he’d caused his own blush to grow across his cheeks each time but it had been fun.

Let’s go talk to her! Kaliqueth shouted and L’ton winced from the loudness of the dragon’s tone. Kaliqueth was good at regulating volume but there were still times the young dragon still forgot. “You’re all soapy still, Kal. At least roll around in the water some,” L’ton suggested and laughed as the dragon did as he was told and executed a barrel roll in the shallow waters.

L’ton was still laughing at his dragon as the brown tore out of the water and towards Kellian. The brown snorted and snuffled at Kellian’s feet as he came near her and before L’ton could stop him asked neatly, Kellian! Did you know the soap sand tastes like the finest of the meats L’ton gives me? L’ton groaned and slapped a hand across his face.

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Re: All the Awkward!
« Reply #2 on: 06 Apr 2015 at 02:49 PM »
Kellian hummed to herself as she finished sewing one tunic, folded it, set it aside and picked up the last one. She wrinkled her nose slightly. Honestly what did this rider do that he tore up so many of his tunics. She sighed softly and threaded her needle then set it down before wriggling her toes in the warm sand. She smiled a little and looked up at her friends who were still half doing things and half gossiping. She rolled her eyes slightly and pulled her eyes from them and found herself looking over at L'ton again. She watched him until he looked up at her, causing her to flush and look down at the tunic, goofy grin on her face.

She had started working on the tunic then, trying to concentrate on not stabbing herself with the needle. She started humming again as she worked. The sooner she was done the sooner she could hide herself away. Maybe she would go help make dinner, no one to tease her or make her blush in the kitchens. Well...if she was lucky anyway. She puffed out a breath of air and looked up as she heard L'ton's laughter carry across the way. She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and allowed herself to take a moments break and smile as she watched his dragon roll around in the water, bathtime must be over. Damn, there went the view. She flushed lightly at her thoughts and smiled, until she heard giggling. Apparently the laughter and Kaliqueth's antics brought the other girl's attention back to them, and in turn, to herself. She ignored them all and chanced a peek at L'ton, figuring since the bath was done they would be off to lessons.

She blanched however, eyes flaring slightly, as she saw the husky brown come away from the water, dripping all the way, making a beeline right towards her. Oh no... She flushed even more and dropped her gaze to the tunic in hand that she suddenly forgot how to mend. She was used to L'ton's teasing, it usually wasn't within earshot of too many others, she chanced a peek at her friends, who were all sorts of attentive suddenly. Oh well..nothing for it. She took a breath and turned just in time to watch Kaliqueth close the distance between himself, and her.

She squeaked and giggled as the brown snuffled around her feet, toes wiggling because the sand blown about her bare feet by his breath tickled. "Hello Kaliqueth, and no. I am sorry to say I have never tasted soap sand before. Are you sure that you should be eating it?", she grinned at the brown with a fondness she probably had no right to feel. He wasn't her dragon afterall. She kept her eyes on the brown until the sound of L'ton's footsteps were too close to ignore. She put on her best passive face and glanced up at him through her lashes. She took a minute to appreciate his handsome face. When did he become so goodlooking to her? She still didn't know but her subconscious sighed and had a goofy grin on her face.

For L'ton it was a crooked little smile and a lifted brow with faintly tinted cheeks. "I thought you were my friend L'ton.", she said, attempting to chastise him for causing all the teasing and giggles all morning. L'ton. It still felt odd on her tongue to say, but it fit him well enough. "Here you are all day causing those wherries to do nothing but tease me and giggle. You Sir, are horrible." She made the attempt to look offended though the corners of her lips twitched slightly.
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