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Change of Scenery [Solo]
« on: 29 Mar 2015 at 02:35 AM »
Jalazmar eyed the large blue dragon before him, taking in the beauty of the creature. He wasn’t offended by the colour and didn’t care that a brown or bronze didn’t come for his request. Bronzeriders and even the brownriders had important things to do on a daily basis, like setting up wing practices or running Weyrs or whatever it was they did that was the equivalent of what his family members did. Well, when he put it that way, he supposed most of the riders of higher standing would be sleeping around behind their mates’ backs and plotting against each other. At least some things were consistent no matter where one grew up.

Blue dragons seemed to have more range in shades and patterns anyway so Jalazmar certainly didn’t mind that such a dragon and his young rider were chosen to pick him up and help him move to Telgar Hold to visit his brother Gabrin. It would be a quick trip as well. Seconds going through the mysterious between and they’d be in Telgar with him dismounting and waving good bye. He really couldn’t figure out why people got so bent out of shape over what colour they appeared on. Even Impressing to green or blue didn’t seem like such a horrible fate to the young lordling; they still had a dragon.

With a final inspection of his belongings packed away in a trunk that the blue would carry for him, Jalazmar finally gave the nod that said he was ready. The rider instructed him on the best way to climb up the large beast and assisted in getting him strapped in. It seemed odd to be a grown man getting help with straps as if he were a child once more learning to ride a pony but he knew it was worth it. He didn’t think he was afraid of heights but Jalazmar did know he was afraid of falling to a very messy splattering death so he thanked the man and focused on his breathing.

He’d never actually been atop a dragon before and had no idea what to expect for the takeoff or any other aspect of the quick journey no matter how much he down played it in his mind. A bright smile was still given to his family and he waved to his nieces and nephews just before the order to lift off was given. Jalazmar quickly grabbed onto the harness and hoped his fear didn’t show until they were high enough off the ground that it didn’t matter.

The warning they were about to jump came and Jalazmar nodded again that he understood what was about to come and shut his eyes. The shock of the cold of between hit hard and as they broke through above Telgar, a deep gasp for breath was inhaled. It was colder than the middle of the night in the dead of a High Reaches winter and a shiver traveled down his spine as he resisted rubbing his arms for warmth. “That was quite the experience,” he whispered after a moment and the bluerider laughed, sharing that his own reaction was much more hysterical the first time he jumped.

Upon landing, Jalazmar gratefully slid to the ground and shook hands with the bluerider that had safely brought him to his brother. The dragon received a friendly pat to his side and gratitude as well before he turned to find his waiting brother and extended family. Again he smiled and wondered, not for the first time, why he decided to go to Telgar. He supposed he just needed to get away. His two eldest brothers were bickering and plotting more so than usual, especially with their father’s health declining and he just didn’t want to deal with that anymore. It was safer with Gabrin, as odd as it was to say, than he was within the scheming. Gabrin’s ploys were harmless in comparison as they were done just for his amusement.

Maybe, Jalazmar thought as he cooed at his young niece, he would rub off on his brother and Gabrin wouldn’t play as many games. It was likely wishful thinking but it was good to have goals.


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