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Author Topic: KATILA WEYR 235.11.09 AL Limitless Wonder [Mizeath x Korutath]  (Read 1012 times)

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KATILA WEYR 235.11.09 AL Limitless Wonder [Mizeath x Korutath]
« on: 02 Apr 2015 at 10:12 AM »

Limitless Wonder

Clutch Mother:
Gold Mizeath of Ameris
Clutch Father
Bronze Korutath of L’varl
Flight Date
Clutch Date
Hatching Date
Graduation Date
Clutch Size
36 Eggs
33 of 36
R'der of Colour Name
Primary Assistants
R'der of Colour Name
R'der of Colour Name

Gold Dragonets: 0 of 1 Available
xXx Detatched Nadioth went to Vaelya, Played By DeeStar.

Bronze Dragonets: 3 of 4 Available
xXx Gracious LWBronze01 went to LWMale07, who is Adoptable
xXx Versatile LWBronze02 went to LWMale15, who is Adoptable
xXx Affable LWBronze03 went to LWMale14, who is Adoptable
xXx Fearless LWBronze04 betweened, lack of suitable candidates.

Brown Dragonets: 4 of 4 Available
xXx Obsessive LWBrown01 went to LWMale05, who is Adoptable
xXx Straightforward LWBrown02 went to LWMale08, who is Adoptable
xXx Lively LWBrown03 went to LWMale17, who is Adoptable
xXx Proud LWBrown04 went to LWMale18, who is Adoptable

Blue Dragonets: 9 of 9 Available
xXx Stable LWBlue01 went to LWMale03, who is Adoptable
xXx Forceful LWBlue02 went to LWMale04, who is Adoptable
xXx Impartial LWBlue03 went to LWMale12, who is Adoptable
xXx Modest LWBlue04 went to LWMale16, who is Adoptable
xXx Inflexible LWBlue05 went to LWMale21, who is Adoptable
xXx Defiant LWBlue06 went to LWMale20, who is Adoptable
xXx Sensible LWBlue07 went to LWMale19, who is Adoptable
xXx Dynamic LWBlue08 went to LWMale28, who is Adoptable
xXx Adaptable LWBlue09 went to LWMale32, who is Adoptable

Green Dragonets: 16 of 16 Available
xXx Ambitious LWGreen01 went to LWMale01, who is Adoptable
xXx Awkward LWGreen02 went to LWMale02, who is Adoptable
xXx Tantalizing LWGreen03 went to LWMale03, who is Adoptable
xXx Possesive LWGreen04 went to LWMale11, who is Adoptable
xXx Explosive LWGreen05 went to LWMale13, who is Adoptable
xXx Intuitive LWGreen06 went to LWMale109, who is Adoptable
xXx Callous LWGreen07 went to LWMale10, who is Adoptable
xXx Vengeful LWGreen08 went to LWMale22, who is Adoptable
xXx Studious LWGreen09 went to LWMale23, who is Adoptable
xXx Impulsive LWGreen10 went to LWMale24, who is Adoptable
xXx Dreamer LWGreen11 went to LWMale25, who is Adoptable
xXx Balanced LWGreen12 went to LWMale27, who is Adoptable
xXx Reflective LWGreen13 went to LWMale26, who is Adoptable
xXx Efficient LWGreen14 went to LWMale30, who is Adoptable
xXx Pessimistic LWGreen15 went to LWMale31, who is Adoptable
xXx Nervous LWGreen16 went to LWMale33, who is Adoptable

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Re: 235.11.09 AL Limitless Wonder [Mizeath x Korutath]
« Reply #1 on: 28 Oct 2016 at 12:39 AM »

"xXx Balanced LWGreen12 went to LWMale27, who is Adoptable "

Thank you very much! :D

Re: 235.11.09 AL Limitless Wonder [Mizeath x Korutath]
« Reply #2 on: 19 Nov 2016 at 09:12 PM »
Gonna claim: xXx Gracious LWBronze01 went to LWMale07, who is Adoptable
Dee based powerplay of my characters is always permissible!


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