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Author Topic:  Forest Triumphs  (Read 358 times)

IC Date: 22.11.235 AL, 7PM

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of Green Larrikith
Forest Triumphs
« on: 29 Apr 2015 at 10:51 PM »
22.11.235 AL, 7PM

Larrikith had spent the day preening; B’jin had spent the day snarling. Neither had been particularly good company to anyone, let alone each other. Little Shimmer had quickly made herself scarce when it had become apparent she wouldn't get any positive attention from the pair that day, flittering off to spend time with Amorandii. The little girl had far kinder manners and took proper delight in the gorgeous beauty that Shimmer knew herself to be.

B'jin had stormed off to take a bath after dinner, shooting R’nd a poisonous glare that just dared the bluerider to even imagine joining him. The Harper was clearly in a murderous mood and not even his lover would be safe from his desire to end lives. Stalking through the room, B'jin had planted his elbow heavily into the chest of a young brown rider that got in his way, sending the boy stumbling in shock and B'jin hissed angrily, slamming every door he passed through.

The bath neither calmed him nor relaxed him, but he was at least clean when he climbed out of the hot spring and wrapped a towel around his hips, frowning up at the sky through the leafy foliage overhead. He had avoided the built in pools, wandering much further from the Weyr than he normally would have travelled in an effort to both be left alone and to be rid of the pent up emotions curling through his guts.

Latrikirth’s sudden screech through the pre-dusk air caused B'jin to tighten, stance altering to that of prey preparing to flee, even as the weight of anticipation lifted from his shoulders. B'jin hated the wait, hated his dragon waiting to take such thorough control of their relationship. He gave to her freely when she decided to collect – the waiting was her real game.

~ ~ ~

They had waited until they'd been found, dragon in sky and man on ground, before bolting through the clouds, and over the underbrush, teasing and taunting those that followed. B'jin lost his towel long before it was time to give in, the item tangling on a branch and wrapping around legs before being left behind and forgotten by men who had more important things claiming their minds. Of what interest was a towel in the long run?

~ ~ ~

There were splinters in his feet, he could tell by the way they were aching and stinging. There was a slice up the side of his arm – shallow, mostly scanned but still trying to bleed. The result of a branch that hadn't appreciated being pushed aside. His back was raw from being shoved up against something; ground or tree? He had no idea, but there was warm comfort against his front where R'nd was slumped over him, and B'jin nuzzled the bluerider’s neck, placing gentle kisses and nibbles.

It was fully dark now, and the dragons were no where near. He had no idea where any of them were, but that didn't really matter. Not for a while yet anyway.

“That was new,” he murmured gently, nibbling on R'nd’s earlobe.
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Re: Forest Triumphs
« Reply #1 on: 01 May 2015 at 03:06 AM »
“I recall several things that were new,” R’nd replied with a gasp as teeth grazed over his earlobe. They typically weren’t a weakness but after a flight, everything was extra sensitive and his nerves were tingling more so than usual and the nibbling was quite a turn on. But B’jin was right; running through the forest was another odd and new location for a flight for them. R’nd often wondered if Larrikith purposely flew when B’jin was in a bad spot for a flight. She was a bit of a trickster and she certainly had a devious enough personality to do such a thing. Thankfully, she had taken a liking to Ayyonth and him so even if she was planning things against B’jin, she seemed to wait until the blue pair was around for the fun.

Another new thing for the flight was B’jin’s mood. He would deny it as always, but the man most definitely got proddy on a flight day. He seemed extra grisly for this one though and R’nd had learned early in the day to watch his toes and what he said. The attitude didn’t bother him, though, especially when everyone that came near the greenrider received it and it wasn’t just him, but also because the signs of flight were there and R’nd knew the time after the flight would more than make up for any bumps in the day. Having B’jin nibbling his ear and seem rather content with their situation proved he had been right in not worrying.

“I like this victory of ours. It’s a nice break from the noises of the Weyr,” R’nd knew that some plague survivors hated coming out into the woods alone because the lack of noise from civilization bothered them and brought back memories of the time in exile, and he could understand that having been through it as well but being with someone he cared for made the difference and he invited the solitude that surrounded them. “Just us; not even our pesky dragons around.” He grinned at B’jin and cupped his lover’s face to draw him away from the attack on bare skin and bring their mouths together.

Still near enough to know what you’re up to and to keep your ass out of trouble,Ayyonth pointed out lazily to only R’nd as he curled up a bit tighter against Larrikith to enjoy their own quiet time.


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