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Author Topic:  New Bonds [Carpe Diem Hatching Impression] [Solo]  (Read 279 times)

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New Bonds [Carpe Diem Hatching Impression] [Solo]
« on: 29 Nov 2015 at 04:14 AM »
Zarindin was always excited when a Hatching was about to take place, though he had long ago lost the nerves and hope of Impressing. He had Stood at every single one since Nirinath’s first after the plague and every single time, he had failed to leave with a dragonet bounding along beside him. He knew some of the other ‘brats made fun of him for that fact since some comments were made to his face to see his reaction. But it never bothered him after the first Hatching. He was young still and whether or not he ever Impressed, Zarindin was just happy to be a part of such a fascinating society.

Besides, he wasn’t alone in his failings; he still had Ryvian. Although, Ryvian’s tale was a bit sadder since he had a twin that had Impressed a bronze dragonet a few clutches earlier. Zarindin felt bad for his friend but kept an upbeat outlook about it and was glad to see the twin was over his depression as well. He couldn’t imagine what it felt like to lose essentially half of his identity and see his brother achieve something they thought they would get together.

If nothing else came of this particular Hatching, Zarindin was happy that it was taking place in the middle of a clear day. He hadn’t been fast asleep or about to eat a meal, but simply lending a hand with laundry, so he was extremely grateful to be called to the Sands to stand around for a while.

When the action finally began, Zarindin watched on as pair after pair was made. He smiled and gave soft cheers as people he knew Impressed and even gave encouraging smiles to those he didn’t know that seemed overwhelmed with their luck. A quick glance over to Indivara made him extra happy that no one had been seriously injured, though he had to keep a stealthy eye on Indivara when the bronze appeared. It had been several turns since she had been mauled, but it wasn’t likely something one got over easily. He himself was still jumpy when he heard bushes rustling behind him or saw a glimpse of a feline, though he had avoided being attacked during his time alone in the wilderness.

Then, the unexpected happened. Ryvian Impressed. Zarindin gawked with his mouth open as he watched the older twin finally find his lifemate and say something to Indivara. He couldn’t hear since he had chosen to stand away from them, like he always did. There were many people on the Sands he associated with and even called friends, but he liked the solitude during Hatchings.

It was odd watching Ryvian leave. He was thrilled for the man but sad that it hadn’t happened to him. It was better for Ryvian to have, though. He carried the weight of failing so much more than he did and Zarindin liked seeing the joy on the twin’s face.

When Indivara Impressed soon after, Zarindin let out a quiet cheer and even jumped for joy. The dragonet was blue, not bronze like the girl always said she would bond to, but he was a cute little thing and seemed perfectly matched to the spunky girl. It was wonderful seeing more friends Impress, but Zarindin was becoming increasingly aware that there were less and less eggs on the Sands and he was going to end up leaving alone in every sense of the word this time.

Or, so he thought anyway.

The next blue to show himself was adorable and caught Zarindin’s eye immediately. The dragonet watched the flitters play about at the ceiling and didn’t seem to care that he had sand on his nose. It was rather endearing how the blue seemed to be calling for the firelizards to come down and play with him.

Without really knowing he was doing it until he was almost there, Zarindin crossed the grounds and came up beside the dragonet, placing his hand on the little blue head, patting it gently. “I bet they’ll come play with you after you eat. There’ll be more time then, Varralath.” Zarindin’s eyes went wide as he said the dragonet’s name and then smiled, knowing he had also Impressed.

I like the way you think, Z’rin! Please lead the way, Varralath’s smooth voice brushed against his mind and Zarindin nearly squeaked in surprise. It was so different to what it felt like when the older dragons spoke to him. This was far more personal and seemed right. Maybe it was also the fact that Varralath had used his honorific.

“Z’rin… cool.” He smiled again, finding it hard to express his joy. He had bonded to a fun little blue dragonet and now had a name given to him by a dragon, making him truly a part of the society. His father and uncle had left him behind due to circumstances, not because they wanted to, but his name was a reminder of everything he had lost when he was literally lost in the forest. No one could argue he didn’t belong at Katila now.

Even better, he had Impressed right after Indivara. The girl would use that to tease him but at least they had Impressed at the same clutch! That was icing on the cake the day had turned into.

Oooh, cake sounds delicious. Can I have some too? Z’rin laughed at his dragonet, shaking his head as he explained why cake was bad for dragonets and headed for the feeding area.


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